CRUCIFIED BARBARA – The Midnight Chase (2012)

CRUCIFIED BARBARA - The Midnight Chase (2012)


Formed in Stockholm in 1998 by bassist Ida Evileye and guitarist Klara Force, CRUCIFIED BARBARA plays a fiery brand of rock ‘n’ roll tinged with classic hard, metal, pop and whatever else dares to cross their path.

The Swedish all-girl hard rock quartet has ready their new CD “The Midnight Chase” to be released in Japan and Europe, while the North American date is still unconfirmed.

Rock bands that only consist of female musicians are not usual in a male-overcrowded music scene. The truth is that girl-bands can be just as good and ass-kicking as male bands.

If you never heard Crucified Barbara, let me tell you that these girls play heavy rock, raw and in your face R ‘N Roll, yet hyper-commercial.

The comparisions might be facile but I’m gonna make ’em anyway: this is Runaways crossed with Motörhead; but mostly in attitude. Musically, to me they sound typicaly ’80s US Metal, where Impelliteri comes to mind, without the soloing fireworks.

Just listen “Kid From The Upperclass” and tell me if does not sounds like Impelliteri circa 1988.

We find tracks where the riffage is intense like in the tremendous opener “The Crucifier”, the metallic “Everything We Need” or the razor sounds of “Shut Your Mouth”.

“Rules And Bones” is driven by a big midtempo groove over a fat rhythm section that explodes in the middle with a furious guitar solo.

But also the commerciality is present on this record, as “Into The Fire” has a catchy chorus and a classic American Hard Rock melodic line, while “If I Hide” has some Alice Cooper smell.

“Rock Me Like the Devil” is one of the more instant rockers here with a foot tapping style, while the title track “The Midnight Chase” has a modern feel.

The girls are not only fury, they take the time to slow down the procedures with the ballad “Count Me In”, with only a subtle guitar in the background and a calm and atmospheric solo.

Crucified Barbara really knows how to rock and have released a really intense heavy rock album with “The Midnight Chase”.

This is a hard-hitting, crunchy, rockin’ album, full of guitars and nasty chords, but also reserve space for the melodies.

Mia Coldheart has really been improving herself both with her vocal and guitar skills. Her throat is a lot stronger and balanced now compared to her performance in the band’s previous albums. Klara Force does a fine job delivering hefty riffs & cool solos, and the rhythm section is fat and heavy.

Crucified Barbara is a crew of hot young Swedish musicians who doesn’t try to break any boundaries, just rock hard, with passion and attitude.

And “The Midnight Chase” rocks good, really good.

01 – The Crucifier

02 – Shut Your Mouth

03 – Into the Fire

04 – Rules and Bones

05 – Everything We Need

06 – If I Hide

07 – Rock Me Like the Devil

08 – Kid From the Upperclass

09 – The Midnight Chase

10 – Count Me In

11 – Rise and Shine

Mia Coldheart – Vocals, guitar

Klara Force – Guitar, backing vocals

Ida Evileye – Bass

Nicki Wicked – Drums, backing vocals


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