WILDSTREET – Easy Does It (2012)

WILDSTREET - Easy Does It (2012)


“Easy Does It” is the new single from US hard rockers WILDSTREET. Though a Wildstreet III album is a ways off, the band wanted to give the people a taste of what’s in store once that third release does arrive.

Wildstreet debuted in 2009 (but recorded years before) with their self-titled cracking album very much inspired by the slick Def Leppard style. Their second ‘Wildstreet II …Faster …Louder!’ was a bit of a departure that went for a more rockin’ & raw sound.

“Easy Does It” continues Wildstreet’s path down the road of straight up no-frills rock ‘n’ roll. It’s easier to compare the song to Wildstreet II but as much as I liked that EP, I think “Easy Does It” is even better and it gets me excited for the third release as the band continues to find their own rock ‘n roll identity.

If you’ve missed out on this band, track down their first two releases and enjoy this rockin’ new track, featured in two versions.

You won’t be disappointed.

01 – Easy Does It [Explicit] (3:25)

02 – Easy Does It [Censored] (3:26)

Eric Jayk – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Ian MacPherson – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Aaron Joos – Guitar, Vocals

Ali Hassan – Bass, Vocals

Brian Beck – Drums



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