SAL PIAMONTE – Lives In Devil City (2012)

SAL PIAMONTE - Lives In Devil City (2012)


Canada’s rocker SAL PIAMONTE first broke into the music scene with the his EP ‘Rouge’ in 2008, followed by the self-produced LP ‘Free Money’ in 2010.

Determined to release his music as independent artist, he is releasing by his own a new CD; “Lives In Devil City”. The album was published as promotion at the end of 2011 accompanied by two singles/videos, and now is being officially distributed worldwide.

“Lives In Devil City” is a fictional place created by Sal with the overall theme centered around the classic tale of good vs. evil.

The album title may be a fictitious city but the concepts and ideas behind it are very real, highlighting his personal dealings with these shady characters from so-called ‘friends’ to lovers, to acquaintances, and how their selfishness and short-sightedness helped him to discover what truly had to offer, sending a message that he will never let anyone break or bring him down, no matter the odds.

Aside from the interesting lyrics, musically Piamonte has a true rockin’ spirit which is spreaded through this 12-track recording.

The journey starts with “Big Sleazy Intro,” which is nothing more than a fictional character setting the tone: ‘Evil ways lead to darker days’ says this radio ham.

That intro leads your head into the first single “Take Me Home”, a dynamic guitar driven modern rocker that serves up steady rock rhythm against catchy vocal melodies, sizzling solos and hooky chorus from Piamonte.

Track 3 “Devil Woman” keeps things moving with its pumping American Hard Rock rhythm, thought provoking lyrical content against a grand slam chorus and impressive vocal passion.

“Get Up, Get Up” is a hypnotic ditty with rock steady groove painted against an envolving musical ambiance, well placed harmonies against a heartfelt vocal delivery.

The melodic, slow-tempo “Just A Little Bit” provides listeners with a decidedly different side of Piamonte. This ballad ratchets up the storytelling aspect of Lives in Devil City, and gives to Piamonte a possible path for his next album.

“Tonight” is a more modern oriented tune with a linear melody, and although the musicianship is very good, personally I prefer Piamonte when rocks hard. Some tracks like “Nasty Girl” and “Shining Star” mixes some electronics to the rocking background, in a style of, let’s say, Kid Rock. Cool, nothing more.

But “High Road” is a really good one. This slow burning rocker has excellent harmony vocals and a classic rock structure, with Piamonte delivering great vocal parts.

The album ends in full rock motion with the party-like atmosphere of “Go All Night”, a fine modern hard rocker with tons of wah-wah and cowbell, and the sarcastic “Big Sleazy Outro”.

“Lives In Devil City” makes a pretty solid first impression. Right from the start you will notice rich musical textures and ambience overflowing everywhere, full of warmth, variety and strong melodic structure.

I would classify Piamonte’s music as catchy modern hard rock, with some mainstream elements. Make no bones about it – this guy is a rocker but the songs themselves are pretty commercial and radio oriented.

Piamonte brings alot of vocal passion to the table with powerful messages and no holds barred lyrical content. The music is consistent and varied, sometimes visiting places I don’t like much but the overall delivering is truly solid, with walls of guitars for the most part and a thick as a brick rhythm section, plus well placed vocal harmonies layered everywhere.

Production is first class, at charge of Piamonte itself. He has managed to assemble a million dollar record on an indie budget.

Good One.

01 – Big Sleazy Intro

02 – Take Me Home

03 – Devil Woman

04 – Get Up, Get Up

05 – Just A Little Bit

06 – Tonight

07 – Shining Star

08 – Nasty Girl

09 – Whatcha Say

10 – High Road

11 – Go All Night

12 – Big Sleazy Outro

13 – Take Me Home (Radio Edit) [bonus]

Sal Piamonte – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Eric Disero – Keyboards & Bk Vox

Mike Goyette – Lead Guitar & Bk Vox

Dan Joseph – Bass & Bk Vox

Matt Babineau – Drums/Percussion & Bk Vox


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