HYDROGYN – Private Sessions (2012)

HYDROGYN - Private Sessions (2012)


Since 2004 when the band’s self-produced debut ‘Best Served With Volume’ hit the scene, the industry was already putting their ears to the ground, picking up on the rumble that is HYDROGYN.
Described as the modern ‘new big thing’ band which would bring back the eighties melodies lost in the new millennium rock music, Hydrogyn never stopped to release albums.

To be honest, I never been much impressed by Hydrogyn. I liked the debut and the catchy ‘Bombshell’ (2006), but the subsequent two discs were insipid in my humble opinion.
Well, their new CD “Private Sessions” shut my mouth… as this is one of the best and original heavy rock albums appeared recently.
The CD shows Hydrogyn returning to their melodic roots combining edgy melodic hard rock sounds with a modern approach. We have heavy guitars, but also electronics. We have typical rock song structures, but also very modern patterns.
Don’t be scared by what you are going to read now: imagine a mix of ’80s metallic guitar riffs (with a modern sound), recent Def Leppard melodies, a spoon of Heart, a pinch of Evanescence and little touches of ’90s Depeche Mode ‘heavy-pop’.
I am drunk? No. And the best part is that works flawlessly. Bloody good I must say.

“Private Sessions” is modern heavy rock, with cutting edge riffs, intelligent lyrics and massive hooks. And rocks.
The songs are really well written and cleverly draw on both heavy, hardrocking elements and on mellow, melodic and, at times, poppy, elements.
“Something to Say”, for instance, evolves around a metallic riff while the verse is of the classic eighties-style pumping bass, while the chorus is extremely sing-along friendly.
A track like “Forbidden Kind” combines modern rock with a Def Leppard sensibility, and also features, due some electronics, a dark, atmospheric Depeche Mode feel. And I like it.
“I Don’t Know How” balances between a mellow verse and a hard rocking chorus with some classic metal riffage, while “Heated Nights” is more of an all-out hardrocker, offering a great guitar solo.
“Creepers” is deeply groovy, full of heavy powerful riffs and nice harmonies that got stuck in my mind. One of my favorite tracks is “Roseline’s Song”, an example of how modern ballads can definitely be good and intelligent.

“Private Sessions” is an exciting album which blends edge and melody in a sound that is, at least, original and distinctive.
It’s not that Hydrogyn is doing ground breaking or novel music, but there is something unpredictable about “Private Sessions”. And this is exactly what makes it truly interesting.
Whilst lately the focus with Hydrogyn has mainly been on the rather comely lead singer Julie Westlake, perhaps it should be leaning towards the quality of their songs, which may take some time to reveal their beauty but most certainly do and then won’t let go.
As said above, don’t be scared. Get “Private Sessions”, give it a proper listen, and you’ll be hooked.
Very Recommended.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrock

01 – Something To Say
02 – Forbidden Kind
03 – Scream
04 – I Don’t Know How
05 – Heated Nights
06 – Creeper
07 – Don’tcha Walk Away
08 – Roseline’s Song
09 – Feeling
10 – Un Monde Perdu
11 – It Doesn’t Matter

Julie Westlake – Vocals
Jeff Westlake – Guitar
Chris Sammons – Bass
Joe Migz – Drums


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