GOTTHARD – Starlight [2-track single] (2012)

GOTTHARD - Starlight [2-track single] (2012)


The spotlights are on: GOTTHARD are releasing the first single from the album “Firebirth” to be released in June.

The 2-track single, with the name “Starlight” features two versions, a Rock Radio Mix and an Acoustic variation. None of these versions will be available on the main album.

According to the band, “Starlight” is the virtual shooting star of the upcoming new album: the song was one of the first that the band wrote together with Nic Maeder, the new member at the microphone.

“The chemistry between us worked immediately”, says guitarist Leo Leoni. “It is really unusual to be able to sit down together and straightway write a song which is later the single.”

“Starlight” is not only the first official single to be released but also the lucky star shining on the new formation’s collaboration.

It’s a good song with a rockin’ vibe, and Nic Maeder fits perfectly with Gotthard’s style. I am not completely convinced by the drum sound in the ‘Radio Mix’ version, surely the band decided give it a more ‘accessible’ sound to rank on the playlist of all relevant radio stations.

Anyway, a promising advance.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrockz

1 – Starlight (Radio Mix) 3:35

2 – Starlight (Acoustic Version) 3:56

Nic Maeder : Vocals

Leo Leoni : Guitar, Backing Vocals

Marc Lynn : Bass, Backing Vocals

Freddy Scherer : Guitar, Back Vocals

Hena Habegger : Drums


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