UFO – Seven Deadly [Limited Edition] (2012)

UFO - Seven Deadly [Limited Edition] (2012)

Limited Edition Digipak with bonus tracks


One of the most veteran British bands, legendary hard rockers UFO, are back with their 21st studio release entitled “Seven Deadly”.

This is the fourth effort of the 2004 incarnation of the band including Vinnie Moore on guitar, and while the previous album was a tad too bluesy, now they’ve returned to UFO’s classy Hard Rock style.

“Seven Deadly” really rocks, and it proves that forty-plus years after they first took flight, these guys can still bring the goods.

Phil Mogg never was an extraordinary shouter, but his unmistakable voice and style are UFO’s trademark. Another reason to enjoy this album, as usual, are Mogg’s lyrics. He is fundamentally, a storyteller, able to use colorful metaphors to intrigue.

Once again Moore displays a great feel for what the songs need, injecting a vital rockin’ groove to the music, giving to this version of the band its own identity.

“Seven Deadly” hits the ground running with the classic-sounding riff of “Fight Night”, and between Moore’s licks and Phil Mogg’s perfectly weathered voice, that track and the subsequent “Wonderland” serve up a pair of the hard-rocking tunes that put this band on the radar back in the day.

“Mojo Town” slows things down, but is actually one of the richest pieces of music on the entire album. Driven by a great groove, Mogg and Moore are at their best, while the rhythm section sounds delightfully heavy. Vinnie’s guitar on this track is crunchy and melodic at the same time.

Ballads have been a UFO strong suit over the years, and “Angel Station” continues that tradition. This moody tune stands as the album’s emotive centerpiece. Mogg’s world-weary edge perfectly suits the song’s theme of loss and acceptance, rounded by a soulful guitar solo.

“Year Of The Gun” is a gritty hard rocker with a catchy chorus and some nice organ from Paul Raymond, while “The Last Stone Rider” rocks again with a blues feel, featuring some hooky riffs sitting underneath another catchy chorus.

“Steal Yourself” reminds of Paul Chapman-era UFO from the early ’80s mixed with some Bad Company, whilst Phil creates some very cool imagery on “The Fear”, a rocker with some nasty riffs from Moore.

“Burn Your House Down” features great musicianship and a beautiful-sounding lead from Vinnie Moore. On this track, he continues to prove he’s more than a shredder. For fans who tend toward the Schenker-era UFO material, give this song a chance; there’s no reason for you not to like the playing on it. Vinnie is an amazing guitarist, and really shines throughout on this one.

One of my favorite songs on the CD is definitely “Waving Goodbye”, a classic UFO ballad, complete with soaring melodies, sweeping organ, and a mix of acoustic & electric guitar riffs. Moore’s solo is tasty as all hell, and it’s clear he’s really settled into his role here.

This digipak version of the album offers two bonuses; the groovy and classy “Other Men’s Wives”, and the good, intimate “Bag O’ Blues”, recorded in a retro way.

On this, album number four of the Vinnie Moore era, UFO have delivered yet another astounding, solid, classic Hard Rock record.

With “Seven Deadly”, the band has returned to their traditional Hard Rock roots, yet still retaining some of that bluesy edge they seem to have incorporated over the last few years.

At his 63, Phil Mogg sounds better than ever, Vinnie Moore is sizzling throughout, Andy Parker is still pounding his kit as a teenager, and Paul Raymond adds his keyboard colors and occasional rhythm guitar, providing a solid rhythm section.

On “Seven Deadly”, UFO have proved exactly why they are still going after all these years. The reason is simple. They still write great songs.

This is classic Hard Rock at its purest, and should end up as another feather in the cap for UFO. A superlative effort from the perennial rockers.

01 – Fight Night

02 – Wonderland

03 – Mojo Town

04 – Angel Station

05 – Year Of The Gun

06 – The Last Stone Rider

07 – Steal Yourself

08 – Burn Your House Down

09 – The Fear

10 – Waving Good Bye

11 – Other Men’s Wives (Bonus Track)

12 – Bag O’ Blues (Bonus Track)

UFO - Seven Deadly [Limited Edition] (2012) digipak

Phil Mogg – Vocals

Vinnie Moore – Lead Guitar

Paul Raymond – Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards

Andy Parker – Drums


Lars Lehmann – Bass



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