SUNSTORM – Emotional Fire (2012)

SUNSTORM - Emotional Fire (2012)

The REAL one – Only for 48 Hours !


SUNSTORM, the Joe Lynn Turner / Dennis Ward project started in 2006, have ready their 3rd album “Emotional Fire”, to be released February, 24.

The Sunstorm project included songs written by JLT in the past, either for other artists or himself.

With “Emotional Fire” there’s a twist because instead of recording songs that he had a hand in writing, Joe is covering songs where he sang backing vocals on, in example Michael Bolton’s “Gina” and Cher’s “Emotional Fire”.

But this isn’t just an album of old songs. Most of them have been penned by members of the current crop of AOR / Melodic Rock genres, who hold connections to Issa, Vega, Khymera and Xorigin.

Again with another pristine production job by Dennis Ward, “Emotional Fire” is a phenomenal plate of shiny Melodic Rock / AOR: you have the addictive choruses,

the pompous keys, the hot guitar licks and the unmistakable voice of Turner himself.

The pure Melodic Rock bliss of “Never Give Up” things gets started nicely featuring some tasty guitar parts.

The title track features Turner at his most vibrant, highlighted by swirling keys and bursting with an energy and enthusiasm that runs throughout the eleven tracks.

The midtempo “You Wouldn’t Know Love” brings some classic sounds, while “You Wouldn’t Know Love” has more fire, accentuated by powerful guitars and a marching chorus.

“Wish You Were Here” is a heart warming AOR gem that Turner sings so well and the harder edged and groovy “Torn In Half” evokes memories of his tenure with Rainbow.

“Gina”, the eighties Michael Bolton’s tune where Turner contributed background vocals originally; is delivered in a nice updated version and comes out a winner, the chorus is addicting and the melodies here are indistinguishable and truly sustaining.

The high soaring chorus in “Follow Your Heart” breezes through with a quick churner and here JLT does what he does best, spit nice addicting lyrics with a backbone enticing chorus that makes this track one of the best on this album.

Packed with high quality eighties influenced Melodic Rock and anthemic approach, Sunstorm is the outlet that ensures Turner remains very much at the forefront of the scene.

Again, on “Emotional Fire”, Turner’s timeless voice is in top form and Dennis Ward’s shimmering production makes everything jump into life.

Even in his ’60s, Joe is still proving that he is one of the best voices of the genre, a bit age-worn performing live, but into the recording studio the man knows this game better than no-one.

On this album he hits everything perfectly. Turner manages to not only convey emotion, but to really control every word and movement. And with the list of capable musicians involved (which are really solid) you have a very good record; as good as anything he has done in the past.

Great release.

01 – Never Give Up

02 – Emotional Fire

03 – Lay Down Your Arms

04 – You Wouldn’t Know Love

05 – Wish You Were Here

06 – Torn In Half

07 – Gina

08 – The Higher You Rise

09 – Emily

10 – Follow Your Heart

11 – All I Am

Joe Lynn Turner – Lead Vocals

Uwe Reitenauer – Guitar

Justin Dakey – Keyboards

Dennis Ward – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chris Schmidt – Drums


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