RED WHITE & BLUES (feat. Matti Alfonzetti) – Shine (2011)

RED WHITE & BLUES (feat. Matti Alfonzetti) - Shine (2011)


The new UK/Swedish band that all in the music rock management are talking about for a couple of weeks now is called RED WHITE & BLUES.
“Shine” is the debut album from this duo who you may not have heard of yet… I say yet as you will soon, believe me.

This group features no other than talented Myke Gray and Matti Alfonzetti.
Originally working together in the acclaimed Jagged Edge, which released the stunning album ‘Fuel For Your Soul’, Matti Alfonzetti went on to record with acts such as Road To Ruin, Skintrade and also issue a series of solo albums, the last released just a month ago (‘Here Comes The Night’).
Myke Gray went on to form Skin, one the the UK’s best loved rock bands, which racked up hit singles such as ‘Money’ and whose debut album made the UK Top 10.
Now Matti and Myke are back together and Red White & Blues are sure to impress any fan of high quality rock music.

Joining Myke (guitars) and Alfonzetti (vocals & bass) is drummer Che Leon Beresford to complete the line-up.
The trio play classy traditional Hard Rock, which is some of the best I have heard in many years, with a baggage of original classic songs that most bands would die for.
As a mark of how good Red White & Blues are, as well as supporting The Quireboys and Whitesnake recently, they are also playing along with Chickenfoot on their forthcoming UK dates in January.
All concert promoters and managers want Red White & Blues on their major acts gigs, and I can hear why.

Don’t be mislead by the band’s name. That’s refers to the colors, not the genre.
Red White & Blues is an oiled classy Hard Rock machine, based on blues rock, yes, as many pure Hard Rock bands from England. But their sound combines the best of Skin, Jagged Edge and Thunder with a bit of early Whitesnake / Def Leppard.
“Shine” is a so energetic and passionate CD that I can figure out how hot they ought to sound on stage.

The opening song “Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll” sets out the bands stall greatly. This is a heavy rock anthem of the first degree with fantastic playing from Myke Gray, his guitar work throughout the album is amazing, from blistering solos to slow melodic lines, all are taken in his stride.
Another highlight throughout the disc is the vocal delivery from Alfonzetti. His voice is perfectly suited to this style of rock with a powerful, bluesy delivery not unlike Paul Rodgers in parts which is high praise in my book.
The album highlights are too numerous to mention with all 14 tracks being of the highest quality, but if pushed I would recommend “Set My Sights On You”, “Let It Shine” and the excellent ballad “A Little Too Late” as a good starting point.

I can’t recommend Red White & Blues’ “Shine” enough.
It is a fun, upbeat, hard rocking album in the classic style, including terrific original songs wonderfully executed and produced with a crispy & brilliant sound.
At the moment the album appears to only be available through the band’s own website or at gigs. Get a copy while you can; it’s limited to 1000 units.
If you like Classic Rock and well written songs with hooks big enough for shark fishing, then this is definitely for you.
The only issue I have with the album is it was too late for my ‘Best of 2011’ list !
Highly, Highly Recommended.

01 – Stand Up For Rock And Roll
02 – Shame Shame
03 – Rescue Me
04 – Red White & Blues
05 – Let It Shine
06 – A Little Too Late
07 – Good Times
08 – Get It On
09 – Counts For Nothing
10 – Set My Sights On You
11 – Long Way From Home
12 – Girls And Guitars
13 – The Best Is Yet To Come
14 – The Road To Hell

Matti Alfonzetti – Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass
Myke Gray – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Che Leon Beresford – Drums & Percussion


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