RANDOM EYES – Light Up (2011)

RANDOM EYES - Light Up (2011)


RANDOM EYES, from Jyväskylä, Finland, has been in the music business for a while, but seems the band’s new album “Light Up” will be their international introduction.
The Random Eyes saga began in 1999 when guitarist and songwriter Timo Kuusjärvi met vocalist Christian Palin while both were serving in the Finnish army and the two became fast friends through their mutual musical interests.
Over the course of 2002 the band was completed and entered themselves in a nationwide band contest, where Random Eyes claimed the gold at the event, coming across as the most complete unit with the advent of only three songs.
Convincing both the public and the judges, Random Eyes quickly became a hot topic through word of mouth and media coverage of the event.

During the past decade, the band has published 2 full-length albums but suffered several line-up changes.
After three years’ turmoil, Random Eyes returns with ‘Light Up’ and a rejuvenated line-up featuring drum prodigy Rolf Pilve and two new guitarists.
This Finnish band presents their own brand of modern hard rock with Euro melodic metal elements blended with 80’s hooklines.

The album opens with the title track “Light Up” which has a very appealing positive vibe. A really melodic and harmonic vocal arrangement is followed by a catchy potent riff and blasting drums. The chorus is very commercial in the vein of their compatriots H.E.A.T but much more harder. The CD couldn’t really get a better start. It’s the kind of a song that should work very well live, a bouncy ‘hands-in-the-air’ number with an arena chorus. “Decadence” is a darker, heavier track with a frantic beat, yet highly melodic chorus. The closest thing to a ballad on the album is “Hold Me”, a strangely fascinating song with vocalist Christian Palin pushing his voice to the edge.

The CD standout for me is “Tell Me” with its absolutely stunning hook mixed with modern-ish production values, although structurally this track is very 80’s, including some fun keyboard touches.
The remaining six tracks aren’t impressive as the very good first tunes, but have their moments.
“Blind Man” is melodic metal oriented with good guitar solos, “Stand Your Ground” has a nice melodic rock vibe with the band’s personal approach, and “Eclipse” has a cool refrain. “Megalomaniac” and “Vendetta” aren’t bad at all, just too much melodic metal oriented for my tastes. Anyway, very well performed for the genre.

“Light Up” is a truly interesting CD by Random Eyes, that really worth to investigate.
The first half of the album is very, very good, and certainly will appeal to any Melodic Hard Rock listener. The rest of the material is pretty good as well, just more melodic metal oriented (which definitely does not means bad).
The good thing about Random Eyes is their originality. They really doesn’t sound too much like any other band, which is quite an achievement in the metal/hard rock genre. Renowned producer Tero Kinnunen has done a brilliant job behind the desk, enhancing the band’s stupendous musicianship.
If you like European bands such as H.E.A.T, Serpentine, Edguy, Eden’s Curse, etc, but with an ‘extra touch’ of originalty, you need to check this one.
Very Good.

01 – Light Up
02 – Decadence
03 – Hold Me
04 – Tell Me
05 – Blind Man
06 – Megalomaniac
07 – Stand Your Ground
08 – Eclipse
09 – Chaos Theory
10 – Vendetta

Christian Palin – Vocals
Sami Rönkkö – Guitars
Karim Elbanna – Guitars
Voitto Rintala – Bass
Rolf Pilve – Drums


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