CHICKENFOOT – Different Devil [Mini Album] (2012)

CHICKENFOOT - Different Devil [Mini Album] (2012)


CHICKENFOOT have just released the third single from their ‘Chickenfoot III’ album.
“Different Devil” surfaces just prior to the band’s week-long Road Test tour dates across Europe, which begin January 12 in Manchester, UK.

With two former Van Halen members in Chickenfoot – singer Sammy Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony – the timing of the move is sure to fire up the Chickenfoot vs. VH debate amongst some fans, as the song also lands at radio at the same time as the new VH track ‘Tattoo’ arrives on the scene.

With acoustic guitars and a mid-tempo rhythm track, the song is a mile from the charging ‘Big Foot’ and ‘Three And A Half Letters’, the band’s previous singles.
Sammy Hagar stays out of the stratosphere vocally, opting to sing in a lower register while patiently addressing a song to his (hopefully and presumably fictitious) long-term lover, who’s wondering if there’s better options out there for her romantically. As the song kicks into a higher gear, he issues his confident challenge.

The single [radio edited, different from the album version] is being released only in Europe as a “Mini Album”, including hot live takes of “Turnin’ Left” (with a great jam in the middle), “My Kinda Girl” and “Learning To Fall”, all recorded in Phoenix, USA.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrock

01 – Different Devil [radio edit] (3:59)
02 – Turnin’ Left [Live from Phoenix] (8:37)
03 – My Kinda Girl [Live from Phoenix] (4:36)
04 – Learning To Fall [Live from Phoenix] (5:58)

Sammy Hagar – Vocals, Guitar
Joe Satriani – Guitars
Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals
Chad Smith – Drums, Percussion


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