V.A. – Reborn In Sleaze; A Tribute To Dave Lepard (2011)

V.A. - Reborn In Sleaze; A Tribute To Dave Lepard (2011)


I am not a big fan of sleaze. But undoubtedly, regardless of the genre, Crashdiet’s smash 2005 album “Rest In Sleaze” was one of the best rock releases of the past decade, with great songs, musicianship and unusual quality vocals/lyrics for this music style, brained by their leader Dave Lepard.
The news shook the entire Crashdiet and general rock fans across the globe when Lepard (real name David Hellman) was found dead on January 20th, 2006. He had committed suicide following his battle with drug addiction, resulting in a deep depression.

“Reborn In Sleaze : A Tribute To Dave Lepard” is a complete track-for-track re-creation of ‘Rest In Sleaze’ in tribute to Dave Lepard’s legacy, performed by bands who were contemporaries of Crashdiet or who burst through the door that Crashdiet/Lepard had kicked open.
Most bands featured are relatively new to the scene and not necessary belongs to the sleazy movement, as the Italian hard ‘n heavy group Midnite Sun who opens the disc with “Knokk ‘Em Down”. Their good version is beefed up with a much heavier musical arrangement but faithful to the original.
Next up is Speed Stroke’s take on “Riot In Everyone”, again very faithful to the sound of the original, but with a more melodic guitar work and a pumpin’ bass.
Italian sleaze outfit Skull Daze aren’t messing around with their monster cover of “Queen Obscene/69 Shots”. This track dishes out unexpected surprises, because although it feels fresh, the arrangement is actually fairly close to the original and vocalist Johnny Rainbow hits notes hard, harsh and wild.

“Breakin’ The Chainz” is where the magic truly kicks in on this album, and possessing the no-half-measures syndrome is Scottish sleaze-glam quartet PeepShow, who serves Lepard proud here. Johnny Gunn’s vocal efforts confirm that when his band set out to do something, they do it well. This is a band set for big things in the future and Peep Show is a name to watch out for.
With a band named Superhorrorfuck covering “Needle In Your Eye”, you would think that expecting something heavy would be reasonable, and you would be right. Their version is dirty and groovy — and this is the case for Ragdolls’ ‘Tikket’ as well. I don’t like both at all.
‘Tast of cyanide’ is part of the chorus to the song “Out Of Line”, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that Cyanide 4 takes on this song. As such, these guys turn this track into more of a straight-up hair metal song than a sleaze song, with a clean solo and smoother vocals. It is an impressive and revised contribution.

Hell In The Club takes “Straight Outta Hell” into a new dimension of sleaze, adding their own Italian metal twist — the minor changes to the arrangement made by the band (mostly in the guitar riffs) work really well.
It’s really surprisingly to see AORsters / MR Shining Line covering the original album closer “Back On Trakk”. As expected, their version is melodic rock oriented with very good guitars, vocals and a melodic re-worked chorus. You almost won’t recognize this as a Crashdiet song, but I don’t care. I love Shining Line’s (their debut album is really good) and their cover is the best on this tribute album.
As bonus, there’s a Crashdiet old song, “Lost Horizons”, performed by French glamsters BlackRain. They absolutely nails the feel and emotion of this ballad, melodically and sincerely. The album couldn’t have ended better if it had tried — having a tissue handy when streaming this track is a good idea. Sang in the form of Dave Lepard, vocals soar so high and so sweet that they’ll pull at the heart strings of listeners for sure.

Overall, “Reborn In Sleaze : A Tribute To Dave Lepard” is a good tribute album, a nice way to remember Dave Leppard and his music, but it is also a chance for people to hear some new bands doing songs they may already be familiar with.
Some are good, some not, but that’s depends on your musical tastes. And melodic rockers have an exclusive Shining Line track to collect.
Limited to just 250 numbered copies, on “Reborn In Sleaze: A Tribute To Dave Lepard” it is easy to appreciate the concept and the integrity behind the release, and after a few listens, you start to see just how much passion and effort has gone into remaking each and every single ‘trakk’ on this album.

01. Knokk ‘Em Down (performed by Midnite Sun)
02. Riot In Everyone (performed by Speed Stroke)
03. Queen Obscene (69 Shots) (performed by Skull Daze)
04. Breakin’ The Chainz (performed by Peep Show)
05. Needle In Your Eye (performed by Superhorrorfuck)
06. Tikket (performed by Ragdolls)
07. Out Of Line (performed by Cyanide 4)
08. It’s A Miracle (performed by DNR)
09. Straight Outta Hell (performed by Hell In The Club)
10. Back On Trakk (performed by Shining Line)
11. Lost Horizons (performed by BlackRain) [bonus track]


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