RUSH – Time Machine 2011 [Live in Cleveland]

RUSH - Time Machine 2011 [Live in Cleveland] (2011) 2 CD

Canadian legends Rush are releasing on November 7, a two-disc live album entitled “Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland”.
Captured in April at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena during the renowned trio’s extensive “Time Machine” world tour, the release marks the band’s first live album recorded at a U.S show, a deliberate nod of gratitude to the first city to support Rush on its radio airwaves.

The wildly popular tour featured a set filled with classic hits, fan favorites, and a glimpse into Rush’s forthcoming 20th studio album ‘Clockwork Angels’.
As a centerpiece for the concerts, the band performed their landmark album ‘Moving Pictures’ – celebrating the 30th anniversary – in its entirety for fans rejoice.
This is the first live recording of the band’s most successful album to date, originally released in 1981, which features some of Rush’s most well-known songs like “Tom Sawyer”, “Limelight” and the Grammy nominated instrumental “YYZ”.

Pushing 60, the boys in Rush have the stage energy of guys half their age. Their enthusiasm is infectious, with the band and the audience feeding off each other.
What is most refreshing is that they seem to really enjoy playing these classic songs, having a wonderful time as much as we, their audience, love listen to them play.
A fans-dream tracklist, including selections from their entire career, two interesting new songs from their upcoming album ‘Clockwork Angels’ and of course, ‘Moving Pictures’ in its entirety.

“Tom Sawyer”, “Red Barchetta”, “YYZ” and “Limelight” are placed at the end of Disc 1, while “The Camera Eye”, “Witch Hunt and “Vital Signs” on the beginning of Disc 2. That ruins a bit the continuity of this classic album performed live, but it’s ok, as they decided to keep the running order as the concert was, with all songs intact.

“Time Machine 2011 – Live in Cleveland” is a remarkably high-energy show, featuring some new arrangements, superb musicianship (as usual) and a great ‘live’ sound.



01 – The Spirit Of Radio

02 – Time Stand Still

02 – Presto

04 – Stick It Out

05 – Workin’ Them Angels

06 – Leave That Thing Alone

07 – Faithless

08 – BU2B [Brought Up To Believe] (from Clockwork Angels)

09 – Free Will

10 – Marathon

11 – Subdivisions

12 – Tom Sawyer

13 – Red Barchetta

14 – YYZ

15 – Limelight



01 – The Camera Eye

02 – Witch Hunt

03 – Vital Signs

04 – Caravan (from Clockwork Angels)

05 – Moto Perpetuo + Love For Sale [Drum solo]

06 – O’Malley’s Break

07 – Closer To The Heart

08 – 2112 Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx

09 – Far Cry

10 – La Villa Strangiato

11 – Working Man


Geddy Lee – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Alex Lifeson – Guitars, Bass Pedals, Backing Vocals
Neil Peart – Drums, Percussion


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