DOOGIE WHITE – As Yet Untitled (2011)

DOOGIE WHITE - As Yet Untitled (2011)


Doogie White, the busiest singer in the music industry, finally debuts as solo artist with his brand new album “As Yet Untitled”.

He has recorded as lead or guest vocalist with more than twenty bands in the past three years, but now it’s time for his own effort.

The Scottish vocalist came to the attention of the worldwide audience when Ritchie Blackmore asked him to be the lead singer in his reformed Rainbow, recording ‘Stranger in Us All’.

Doogie would go on to sing with Yngwie Malmsteen for over a six and a half year period, record two albums and tour the world. He also recorded four albums and toured with Cornerstone and is currently the lead singer of Tank.

So now Doogie thought it was about time to record a true solo-album.

“As Yet Untitled” contains ten very strong melodic rockin’ tracks, which Doogie has co-written with a number of good friends that he made over the years in the rock scene.

The list of musicians that have contributed to the album is without a doubt very impressive: drums are shared between Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes) and Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Mamlsteen), bass between ex Whitesnake Neil Murray, Ted Nugent’s Greg Smith and Paul Logue from Eden’s Curse, and most of the guitars fall to producer Pontus Norgren (HammerFall) with a little help from British bluesman Phil Hilbourne, Royal Hunt/Evergrey guitarist Marcus Jidell and Tank’s Mick Tucker.

Opener “Come Taste The Band” has a flashy one and a half minute keyboard intro performed by ex Rainbow’s Tony Carey. This is not a Deep Purple cover, but obviously pays tribute to the classic band, one of Doogie’s declared influences. Then the song blasts into a solid rocker with an infectious chorus and a catchy rhythm keeping the listener totally hooked. Doogie is supported vocally here by Patti Russo, who was heard on several Meat Loaf albums as a second voice.

The next song, “Time Machine”, a tribute to AC / DC, has a riff that Angus Young would envy. White has attained comparisons to the late AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott, which is clear here and nothing to be shy about.

Some of the highlights of the album tops out with the streaming groove of “Dreams Lie Down and Die”, and the more modern metal hooks of the stompin’ “Lonely”.

“Land Of The Deceiver” is classic rocker with some British-style epic, including a killer guitar duel. One of the best composed songs of the CD.

“Secret Jesus” it’s about lost love (no religious lyrics), and musically has a strong hard rock riff reminiscent of Whitesnake. There’s a slow mid-section that turns into a blistering guitar solo and a duel between Norgren and Hilborne.

“Sea Of Emotion” is a slow and moody track with some acoustic and clean electric guitars, while “Catz Got Yer Tongue” has a classic mould where Bon Scott comes to mind.

“Living On The Cheap” is a fun and catchy tune featuring Derek Sherinian on keyboards and a great drumming by Patrick Johansson.

Final track “Times Like These” is one of the best. A hard rocker with some progressive touches and tempo changes with great instrumentation. Doogie sings his best here, with passion and power.

Doogie White proves with “As Yet Untitled” why he is one of the more versatile vocalists in the business and why all bands requires his services.

His debut album includes 10 mighty fine melodic and still very hard rockin’ songs with catchy choruses and flashy guitar work, which are the main ingredients that make this album a very enjoyable one.

Everything is well put together with a killer vocal delivery and stellar musicianship by all the musicians involved. The production was handled by Pontus Norgreen from Hammerfall who has provided a crisp and brilliant sound.

Several locations were used to complete the recording, which wound up being Sweden, Scotland, England and Florida.

At this point in his career I don’t see why White had to wait this long to release a solo album, but worth it.

“As Yet Untitled” rocks good, really good.

01 – Come Taste the Band

02 – Time Machine

03 – Dreams Lie Down and Die

04 – Lonely

05 – Land of the Deceiver

06 – Secret Jesus

07 – Sea of Emotion

08 – Catz Got Yer Tongue

09 – Living on the Cheap

10 – Times Like These

Doogie White – Vocals

Patrick Johansson (Yngwie) – Drums

Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes) – Drums

Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion) – Keyboards

Tony Carey (Rainbow) – Keyboards

Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Queen Musical) – Bass

Greg Smith (Ted Nugent) – Bass

Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) – Bass

Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall) – Guitars

Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt) – Guitars

Phil Hilborne (Queen Musical) – Guitars

Mick Tucker (Tank) – Guitars

Patti Russo (Meatloaf, Cher) – Guest vocals


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