V.A. – Advanced Releases sampler September 4 (2011)

V.A. - Advanced Releases sampler September 4 (2011)kimball jamison bonfire fiona state cows


Jimi Jamison (ex SURVIVOR singer) and Bobby Kimball (ex TOTO lead singer) are joining forces together in a duet album which promises to be one of the highlights of 2011 in the Melodic Rock scene.
The advanced single “Can’t Wait For Love” has a beautiful recurring keyboard refrain, a lovely hummable chorus and short but very sweet solo.

After a 20 year hiatus, international recording artist and actress Fiona is back in action with a new CD, ‘Unbroken’, produced by James Christian of the famed House Of Lords.
‘Unbroken’ contains mostly all new songs written by Fiona, James Christian, Tommy Denander, Holly Knight, and Marc Tanner.
Fans will embrace Unbroken’s intense melodic rock sound which is driven by guitarist/songwriter Tommy Denander and topped off with performances from original Fiona band member, Bobby Messano.
The advanced single “Loved Along The Way” hearkens back to her earlier albums with an irresistible melody and chorus.

After the release of their anniversary album “Branded” which early this year has charted in Germany, Bavaria’s finest rockers Bonfire are surprising their fans now with a second birthday party and a special present.
On the anniversary concerts all over Europe, the band played entirely their classic album ‘Fireworks’. All these shows have been recorded, and will be released as “Fireworks – Still Alive”.
This new CD offers a couple of bonus tracks including the song “I’m On My Way” – a touching tribute on the late Steve Lee, singer of Gotthard, and live recordings of the hits “You Make Me Feel”, “Sword And Stone”, “Just Follow The Rainbow” plus a different single version of “Let It Grow” from their current CD ‘Branded’.

Swedish quartet Hardcore Superstar is celebrating ten years of awesome music by releasing a ‘Best Of’ compilation.
“The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So” will feature songs from records released between the years of 2000-2010.
The compilation also includes a brand-new single, “We Don’t Need A Cure.”

Norwegian rockers Lipstick Liontigers are finally releasing their new EP “Aliens from Outer Space (They´re Not of This Earth)”.
The promotional single “So Many Miles” is a great classic melodic hard rocker in the vein of mid-eighties Europe and Tobruk.

Mr. Big UK were a British melodic rock&pop band, active in the 1970s and 1990s, best known for their 1977 Top 5 hit, ‘Romeo’. They’re back in 2011 with a new album, ‘Bitter Streets’.
The first single “Georgia” (with a different mix) was released on the 12th Sept. It’s a beautifully orchestrated melodic song.

Swedish Westcoast / AOR delicious band State Cows released a wonderful debut album last year in the best Airplay, Pages, Maxus tradition.
Do you miss 1983? In that case, their brand new single “Hard Goodbye” is a wonderful trip to these melodious years. Awesome tune.

Renato Abella is a musician/composer based in New York. He will be releasing an album titled “Beauteous Maximus” in December 2011.
The first single, “I Miss You” features Grammy award winning vocalist Dave Bickler, former lead singer of the band Survivor (Eye of the Tiger era) and lead guitar by Brad Gillis of the band Night Ranger.
Very good song that builds up to a wall of sound.

Mitch Malloy is currently hard at work on his new solo album, which will be on sale in time for Firefest and sees Mitch hoping to outdo his glorious debut in the melodic rock stakes. Having already written songs with Danger Danger’s Bruno Ravel and Harem Scarem’s Pete Lesperence, Mitch is having a blast writing for this new album.
“I think this CD will be more 80s than my first one” says Mitch, “I’m thinking of calling it ‘Malloy 2011’ or ‘Mitch Malloy II’ because I feel right now that it truly is the follow up to the first album, although you will hear some new ‘from me’ things that I haven’t done.”

Singer/songwriter Jeremey Frederick is a platinum-selling songwriter (under his full name of Jeremey Frederick Hunsicker) thanks to his association with the band Journey – and a writing credit on the million-selling 2008 release ‘Revelation’ – .
His 1st full length solo CD, “Every Little Thing,” will be released in the autumn of 2011.
The first single “This Is Your Life” is a terrific power ballad showcasing his unique and original voice.
Do you miss Steve Perry? Check Jeremey, it’s amazing.

Axel Rudi Pell’s is releasing ‘The Ballads IV’, compiling the softer side of Pell’s last releases plus new tracks.
One of the new recordings “Hallelujah”, is also published as single featuring a different guitar solo, much calmer and melodic.

01 – Kimball Jamison – Can’t Wait For Love (3:55)
02 – Fiona – Loved Along The Way (3:34)
03 – Bonfire – Let It Grow [different single version] (3:26)
04 – Hardcore Superstar – We Don’t Need A Cure (4:11)
05 – Lipstick Liontigers – So Many Miles (3:34)
06 – Mr. Big UK – Georgia [Non-Album Mix] (3:41)
07 – State Cows – Hard Goodbye (4:21)
08 – Renato Albella – I Miss You [ft. Dave Bickler & Brad Gillis] (3:25)
09 – Mitch Malloy – I’m The One (5:01)
10 – Jeremey Frederick – This Is Your Life (4:44)
11 – Axel Rudi Pell – Hallelujah [single version with different solo] (4:12)

You’ve seen them first here, at 0dayrock

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