JORN – Live In Black (2011)

JORN - Live In Black (2011) 2 CD

If the late Ronnie James Dio, the voice of hard rock and metal, were to pass the ‘metal torch’ to anyone, then he most certainly passed it to Jorn Lande, to keep the flame burning brightly for all to see and hear.

At this point, Jorn is one Europe’s most recognized and best vocalist in the genre, notable for his work with Masterplan, Avantasia, Ayreon, Ark, and many others.

But he also has a significant and expansive solo career.

“Live In Black, recorded in June 2010 at the Sweden Rock Festival in front of 25,000 crazed fans displays a solid cross section of his ten year solo career in a live context.

“Live In Black” contains 17 songs taken from Jorn’s studio albums -except for the inclusion of Thin Lizzy’s “Are You Ready”- and the selection is absolutely great.

This recording captures Lande and his band mates in fine form as they rip through their set of heavy, hard rock anthems.

From the opening notes of the album’s first track “Road of the Cross”, you will immediately notice that the band sounds heavier than ever. Jorn’s catalog has a perfect balance between the subtle and the heavier side of hard rock, but on “Live In Black” the band delivered a huge heavy performance. This is without a doubt classic heavy metal at its prime, not ‘noisy’ or polluted.

The album is plenty of emotive moments, and it reaches its pinnacle at the end of “Man of the Dark” with Jorn screaming to the crowd; ‘Who’s the man?’ Ronnie James is the man.

Jorn’s respect and love for Ronnie James Dio is genuine, and he shows it again reaching the last part of the last song “War of the World”, this time singing a line dedicated to ‘the Man on the Silver Mountain’.

In addition, Tore Moren and Tor Eryk Myhre guitars sound monumental and are very upfront in the mix, a very good choice having in mind the power in Jorn’s vocal delivery.

Beating the drum kit is Willy Bendiksen, one of the most underrated drummers in the world. Well, it turns out that in “Live in Black” good ol’ Willy gave us his best drumming performance ever.

And what can I say about Jorn’s performance? The man never ceases to amaze you. He is the full package of voice and charisma. There are plenty of great singers that are not that great when it comes to live performances.

But Jorn is the opposite; he is even better live than in the studio as he shows more freedom and even a higher range. There’s no wonder why the performance in “Live in Black” is one of his best works ever.

“Live In Black” is not just another live album to fulfill a contract.

It’s a hot show played and recorded with professionalism and simply one of the best live albums released in very long time. Great mix and brilliant sound that captures the ‘live’ essence perfectly.

You don’t find such an exceptional band, sounding so tight very often. And if you add to the equation one of the best voice in the business, you’re in for the win.

“Live In Black” Rocks.

CD 1

1. Road of the Cross

2. Shadow People

3. Below

4. We Brought The Angels Down

5. Stormcrow

6. Spirit Black

7. The Inner Road

8. Man of the Dark

CD 2

1. Blacksong

2. Guitar Solo (Tore Moren)

3. Tungur Knivur

4. Guitar Solo (Tor Erik Myhre)

5. Rock and Roll Angel

6. Drum Solo

7. Soul of the Wind

8. Are You Ready

9. War of the World

Jorn Lande: Vocals

Tore Moren: Guitar

Tor Erik Myhre: Guitar

Nic Angileri: Bass

Willy Bendiksen: Drums


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