FLAMING ROW – Elinoire (2011)

FLAMING ROW - Elinoire (2011)

FLAMING ROW is a newly formed international project band that call Germany their home base.
Spearheaded by Martin Schella (Steel Protector, Cast In Silence) on guitars, bass, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, the main band is made up of Mark Arnold on keyboards; Kiri Geile on female lead vocals and Niklas Kahl on drums.
They’re joined with a massive cast of high profile guests too, like Gary Wehrkamp and Brendt Allman both from Shadow Gallery, Billy Sherwood from Yes / Circa and Spock’s Bread member Jimmy Keegan.

“Elinoire” is a concept album unfolding an intricate story similar to Arjen Lucassen’s projects in that a novelization is laid out before you. The storyline is really intriguing supported by well written lyrics.
It is focused in a young British family. Lea and Adam Baltwin are in the prime of their lives, having great jobs and living in prosperity.
Lea becomes pregnant. While giving birth to their daughter Elinoire, Lea dies.
Adam never overcomes the sudden death of his beloved wife and lays the blame on Elinoire. Over the years he can’t build up a normal relationship with Elinoire. Adam’s father, Cyrus Baltwin, takes over the role of the father figure. After some years true facts about the previous life of Lea are revealed.
Was Lea’s dead really an accident?

“Elinoire” is an awesome album featuring terrific performances of all musicians involved.
The music is dynamic and spans the range from straight ahead hard rock, prog, metal, to Queen-esque pomp rock sections, but all crystal-clear arranged and nice to the ears.
The other element of this release that I was very amazed with was some of the gorgeous vocals found throughout, the singing here is quite remarkable.
Production is stunning and perfectly mixed. The best way to listen to this opus is with headphones on and following the lyrics in the booklet.
One of the best and only projects of its kind this year.

1 – Elinoire’s Theme
2 – Initiation Fugato
3 – Overture
4 – First Day
5 – Nightingale’s Chirp
6 – Do You Like Country Grandpa ?
7 – Lea’s Delivery
8 – Elinoire
9 – Rage Of Despair
10 – Adam’s Theme
11 – Neglected Garden
12 – Time Mirror
13 – Watershed
14 – Review
15 – Unearth The Truth
16 – Father’s Theme
17 – Farewell
18 – A Place To Review Your Soul

Kiri Geile – Lead & Backing Vocals
Martin Schnella – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Lead & Backing Vocals
Niklas Kahl – Drums, Percussion
Marek Arnold – Keyboards, Synths
Andreas Schock – Guitar solo
Jost Schluter – Guitar solo
Chrissy Muller – Guitar solo
Gerrit Schwerthelm – Guitar solo

Vocals (Characters):
Lars Begerow (RAW) as ‘Adam Baltwin’
Billy Sherwood (Circa, Ex-Yes) as ‘Past’
Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) as ‘Conscience’
Brendt Allman (Shadow Gallery) as ‘Liberty’
Michaela Auer (Acoustic Schock) as ‘Lea Baltwin’
Jessica Schmalle (Steel Protector) as ‘Elinoire Baltwin’
Sascha Habich ( Elements Of Change) as ‘Cyrus Baltwin’
Denis Brosowski (Iron Fate) as ‘Zachary “Zac” Jones’
Jimmy Keegan (Spock’s Beard) as ‘Season’
Michael Lowin (Cast In Silence) as ‘Death’
Kim Spillner (Worst) as ‘Rage’
Kiri Geile (Steel Protector) as ‘Destiny’
Martin Schnella (In Silence, Steel Protector) as ‘Spirit’
Anne Trautmann (Seven Steps) as ‘Love’
Sandra Thielemann (No Case In Point) as ‘Time’
Markus Funke (Markus Funke Band) as ‘Forgiveness’


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