DANGER AVENUE – Long Overdue (2011)

DANGER AVENUE - Long Overdue (2011)

Danger Avenue was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2006.
After a couple of self-released EP’s, finally they have ready a full-length album with “Long Overdue” (again, published by themselves).
They had, and still have, a vision of playing classic, melodic Rock N Roll. A genre of music that has stood the test of time, and will continue to do so.
All in this band is definitively retro. These guys look like a cool L.A. band from the early ’80s, with white jackets and neon signs behind. Even the CD cover takes you back to the eighties.

Logically, their music is late 70’s and 80’s inspired melodic rock with some AOR touches.
But while the Swedish bands in this genre were more keyboard orientated, Danger Avenue has 2 guitarists in their line-up, so their material is more guitar orientated, although the hooks and choruses are definitely pure classy Melodic Rock.
Some tracks previously appeared on their EP’s, but here are completely re-recorded.
As opener “Avenues And Boulevards”, which immediately leads us back to the late eighties with great melodies and a strong chorus, at times reminding me the first Harem Scarem.

The uptempo rocker “The Guilty And The Innocent” has a very good riff and a catchy chorus in the style of the American guitar oriented radio-rock from the mid eighties like Night Ranger. “There For None To See” sounds pretty american too but more classic rock oriented.
“Boarding Pass” is a calm acoustic song featuring nice melodies ala REO Speedwagon and a refrain with a big hook.
There’s an obvious late a ’70s Kiss influence on “Melting The Polar Ice”, a cool song with melodic guitars.

I hear some Phil Lynott in Jimmie Lee Cooper’s voice in “Beat The Night”, specially on the vocal melodies and the Thin Lizzy-like guitars.
“Please Mr. Saturday Night” is a track built on ’80s clichés but I do not mind it at all. Sounds like some Enuff ‘Z Nuff material.
“West Coast Angel” is one of my favorite songs of this album. Sounding a lot as Danger Danger, this is damn fine melodic rocker: catchy hooklines and happy melodies with a brilliant chorus.
“Trying To Catch The Sun” is another good melodic tune, which slows down the tempo in the middle and the guitar solo has an eastern feel.
On “Bigger Than All Of Us” the band sounds really retro, with a melodic line in the vein of the old Thin Lizzy.
Final track “Til Early In The Morning” is an acoustic piece with lovely lyrics.

“Long Overdue” is like stepping back in time 30 years. This five piece from Sweden has entered into a serious time warp.
Danger Avenue play classic ’70s – 80’s melodic rock with catchy riffs and melodies under girded by the customary keyboards and accented by zippy guitar solos.
This album is filled with tight, contagious melodies and good vocal harmonies, lyrics are above average and never come across cheesy.
Singer Jimmie Lee Cooper has the right voice for this kind of material (although sometimes flaws a bit), while both guitarists DiCola and Van Shaw deliver good performances and the rhythm section also does its job well.
Production by Roberth Olausson (Hardcore Superstar, Evergrey) is good with an early ’80s feel over it. Sounds nice but with a bigger budget would be better.
Danger Avenue’s strength is in their exceptional ability to interpret and present the melodic rock of yesteryear for the current generation.
Good one.

01 – Avenues And Boulevards
02 – The Guilty And The Innocent
03 – There For None To See
04 – Boarding Pass
05 – Melting The Polar Ice
06 – Beat The Night
07 – Please Mr. Saturday Night
08 – Exile From The Land Of The Broken Hearts
09 – West Coast Angel
10 – Trying To Catch The Sun
11 – Bigger Than All Of Us
12 – ‘Til Early In The Morning

Jimmie Lee Cooper: Vocals
Thomas Van Shaw: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Victor DiCola: Guitars
Viktor O’Malley: Bass, Backing Vocals
Criss David: Drums


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