NAZARETH – Big Dogz (2011)

NAZARETH Big Dogz deluxe 2 cd 2011

Scottish rockers NAZARETH have been around since 1968, their impressively prolific discography is now counting a new album: “Big Dogz”.
Original vocalist Dan McCafferty still has that distinctive raspy Highlands howl that has made the band so recognizable.
NAZARETH also boasts original bassist Pete Agnew, who has songwriting credits on every song. They are joined by Agnew’s son Lee, who joined on drums in 1999 and Jimmy Murrison, who’s been in the band since 1994.

Despite the advances in technology, the band has a no-frills approach to making a new record. There are no gimmicks here, just the sound of a band doing what it does best – making classic rock and roll.
“We played the songs live in the studio,” says Pete Agnew, “and there were hardly any overdubs.”

“Big Dogz” contains 11 tracks of various styles, from classic hard rockers as the title track “Big Dog’s Gonna Howl”, “Claimed” or “The Toast” to lovely wee ballads as “Butterfly”.
“When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again” is a wonderful ‘spacial’ rock with a bluesy scent, while the catchy “Radio” is most commercial song on the album.

Pete Agnew says; “They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but having recorded the new album, I don’t agree. We’ve got some tasty bones here!
We’re straining at the leash to tour this puppy. So get ready, because in 2011 the Big Dogz gonna howl!!”

“Big Dogz” sounds more energetic and possesses more dynamic verve than the music they played say, in the ‘70s-’80s. The comparison to wine comes good here – the passing of time has only made them better.
The songs have good contrasts of tempos; have enough interesting points in each of them to make all worthy of being there.
The new Nazareth album is what the band really is: four men who live rock music, recording together in the same room at the same time, showing what they really are, and what they really want.
This is Classic Rock at its best.
Very Good.

01 – Big Dog’s Gonna Howl
02 – Claimed
03 – No Mean Monster
04 – When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again
05 – Radio
06 – Time And Tide
07 – Lifeboat
08 – The Toast
09 – Watch Your Back
10 – Butterfly
11 – Sleeptalker

Bonus CD unplugged;
01 – Big Boy
02 – Simple Solution
03 – My White Bicycle
04 – Love Hurts
05 – Open Up Woman

Dan McCafferty – Vocals
Pete Agnew – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jimmy Murrison – Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals
Lee Agnew – Drums, Backing Vocals

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Márcio Miranda Diz: 23-04-2011 (Sábado)
    Quem acompanha o Nazareth e gosta desta banda sabe que tudo o que eles fazem é muito bom, porém também sabe, quem já ouviu este album (Big
    Dogz) que eles já fizeram coisas melhores.
    Este album é apenas mediano. Não é nenhuma obra
    prima. Exemplo, o Boogaloo de 1998 é bem mais Hard Rock pesado do este.

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