PAT McMANUS BAND – Walking Through Shadows (2011)

PAT McMANUS BAND Walking Through Shadows (2011)

The PAT McMANUS BAND is led by Irish rock guitar icon Pat McManus, mentor of the legendary ’80s – ’90s hard rock band MAMA’S BOYS.
Joined by Dublin bassist Gordon Sheridan and drummer Paul Faloon who as Pat also comes from Northern Ireland.
The band are now back with their third studio album titled “Walking Through Shadows” serving up eleven new tracks of ‘Rockers and Ballads’.

The writing for this album began back in late 2009, not long after the release of the previous CD ‘2PM’. For Pat it is just natural to compose all the time, whether it be for his own band or other artists.
At the beginning of 2010 McManus’ laid down the basic form of all the new songs at his own small home studio, moving on to recording in full at Homestead Studios with the band’s friend and producer Mudd Wallace.
Old friends and previous musical contributors John McCollough on Keyboards and Maura Donaghy (backing vocals) where brought in to add to the final ‘PMB’ sound, with Pat even adding some tin whistle on ‘Give Me Love’.

The CD ranges from out right rockers such as ‘Danger Zone’, ‘Ready to rock’ and ‘Hey You’ to the beautiful inspired ballads ‘Walking Shoes’ and ‘Give Me Love’, where Pat use the violin for the solo (and sounds like a guitar!), in his own particular style. Original for sure.
On ‘Short Sharp Shock’ the band sounds very ‘live’, a track in the best Jeff Healey style. Killer tune.
There is also the slightly americana-rock ‘Walking In The Shadow of Giants’ which is McManus’ tribute to the ‘Greats’, the jumpin’ instrumental ‘E-Tap’ and the quirky and retro sounding ‘Oldest Rocker’.

As you may note, this is a very personal rock album, made of wood and blood.
No electronics or flashing pyrotechnics (even the few orchestrations are real), just the musicians and their instruments.
But that’s no mean low-fi production, on the contrary, this album has a crispy and organic sound, impeccably recorded and mixed.
It’s a pleasure to listen old style Classic Rock with blues roots so well done nowadays.
There’s a strong Gary Moore (RIP) vibe through the CD, both on sound and style, also a bit of Tom Petty and the aforementioned Jeff Healey.
“Walking Through Shadows” is perfectly balanced with hot rockers and intelligent ballads. Pat McManus’ job on guitars is remarkably tasty on both.
Hope this album gets the attention that largely deserves.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Danger Zone
02 – Walking In the Shadow of Giants
03 – Hey You
04 – Give Me Love
05 – Ready to Rock
06 – Short Sharp Shock
07 – Walking Shoes
08 – The Riddle
09 – E-Tap
10 – Slave to the Rhythm
11 – Oldest Rocker

Pat McManus – Vocals, Guitars, Electric Violin
Gordon Sheridan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Paul Faloon – Drums & Percussion
John McCollough – Keyboards
Maura Donaghy – Backing Vocals

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