MAXXWELL – All In (2011)

MAXXWELL - All In 2011

About two years ago, MAXXWELL (from Lucerne, Switzerland) appeared on the scene for the first time with their debut album ‘Dogz On Dope’, earning a lot of great reviews, both at home and abroad, as did their shows, when they supported international acts touring Europe.
During this period the musicians also found the time to write and record songs for their brand-new album “All In”.

Maxxwell material can be described as powerful yet polished, no compromise hard rock.
Guitarist Hef Häfliger tells it was AC/DC’s performance at ‘Rock In Rio 1985’ that changed his life forever. Together with vocalist Nobi Suppiger and drummer Oli Häller, he writes the bulk of the Maxxwell material, influenced by classic bands but sounding modern and fresh.

Opener “Dead End Street” is one the most commercial songs on this disc, a very modern and toneful melodic hard rocker.
“Heads Or Tails” is a more simple, straight in your face hard rock with a pumping rhythm section.
The intro of “Outlaw” is very cool, as the whole track, influenced by AC/DC. Strong riffs and pounding drums on this one. The voice of Nobi Suppiger suits this style perfectly.

The stomping “No Pain No Gain” (which makes me think of Scorpions) is another good rocker.
“Out Of Control” and “Take Me Away” are both more into the melodic hard rock territory, specially the latter with its semi-midtempo pace and strong chorus.
But this band also can play powerful ballads. “Still Alive” is another very commercial tune typically european in style & sound. More even slow is last track “Anything”, with some bluesy touches.

“All In” is a very good piece of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
MAXXWELL perfectly knows how to play riff-oriented rock in a modern way: heavy when needed, with super fat guitars, but also melodic and catchy.
Very Good production and specially superb mix.
If you like bands like Shakra, Thunder, and why not Gotthard, this is for you.
A nice Swiss surprise.

01 – Dead End Street
02 – Heads Or Tails
03 – Trouble
04 – Outlaw
05 – Still Alive
06 – Black Widow
07 – No Pain No Gain
08 – Out Of Control
09 – Take Me Away
10 – Hellride
11 – Anything

Nobi Suppiger (Vocals)
Hef Häfliger (Lead Guitars)
Cyril Montavon (Rhythm Guitars)
Kusi Durrer (Bass)
Oli Häller (Drums)

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