GÜRU – Güru (2011)

GÜRU Guru David Palau

David Palau is one of the best modern guitar players of Spain, and why not, the world.

Trained in the classical school since a child, he has toured all over the globe as live musician / arranger with many major european artists, and also recorded several discs as session man.

Now is the time for his own band; GÜRU.

They self titled debut album seems extracted from the US scene of the 86/92 period.

Yes, GÜRU is a wonderful trip to the golden days when melodies, harmonies and good taste were the rule. Varied and exquisite, this album has it all: good melodic rockers, midtempos, ballads.

Recorded in Palau’s own studio, production is first class, crisp and glossy.

Opener “Addictive Love” is a flashy and impactful TOTO-like uptempo piece, where the jumpin’ guitars and quirky keyboards steals the show. Vocalist Pau Sastre does a great job, his tone and register is clear and melodic. David Palau is a real guitar monster on par with the greats, on this track his playing is on the Paul Gilbert path. Awesome.

“Salvation” is another belter. An old school melodic rocker in the best MR. BIG tradition with a terrific chorus and incredible 6 string job. There are million of guitar layers on this song, very much in the Steve Vai style. This guy is a seriuos, serious guitar player!

Next, “Sometimes”. WOW. This is a killer midtempo AOR mark 1988, with heavenly keyboards and David Palau (lead vocals here) imposing his voice as the best raspy and sensual Bon Jovi. I just love this song…

All the 3 previous tracks just worth this disc, but there’s much, much more on offer.

“Your Smile” is a luxury slow rock again heavily influenced by TOTO. Is that Jean-Michel Byron on the mic? Certainly not, but comes close. The arrangements on this track are excellent, it’s not easy to play a song like this and not fall short.

The very good ballad “Staring At Your Door” sounds really classy, a mix of Journey and Bon Jovi. A great song, although the vocals are a bit undefined.

“I Just Can’t Get Away” has a strong jazzy rock feel, (again) in the TOTO style, here the musicians have a lot room to show their abilities.

The atmospheric ballad “I Found My Way” is another great track. Paying tribute to Foreigner and MR BIG, the group shines.

On “Someone Else’s Song” and “I Want You Out” the band sounds more contemporary, both european melodic rockers with some twists and cool riffs & keyboards.

GÜRU is simply one of the most exciting bands out there.

Their debut is just amazing: terrific old school songs, great ideas, excellent musicianship and as said; very good production.

Hope this self released gem gets the promotion that largely deserves.


01 – Addiction Love

02 – Salvation

03 – Sometimes

04 – Your Smile

05 – Staring At Your Door

06 – I Just Can’t Get Away

07 – No More Time

08 – Flavour Of Desire

09 – I Found My Way

10 – Someone Else’s Song

11 – Your Energy

12 – I Want You Out

13 – The End Is Coming

David Palau : Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals

Pau Sastre : Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jordi Portaz : Bass

David Simo : Drums, Backing Vocals

Kyke Serrano : Keyboards

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