WILDSTREET – II …Faster…Louder (2011)


The self-titled debut release of New Yorkers WILDSTREET in 2009 received rave reviews around the globe.
Their glorious Def Leppard inspired affair with a hint of sleaze/glam, was one of the great surprises that year.
Now in 2011 WILDSTREET have just released their sophomore effort, a 5-track EP, “Wildstreet II …Faster…Louder”.

Wildstreet sound has changed slightly, and moulding themselves into a unit that best resembles Kix, Motley Crue and Def Leppard circa ‘High And Dry’. The attitude and the energy is certainly here, and across the five tracks they let it all hang out.

Starting things off is “Shake It” that cranks things up from the get-go. If you like the riffing from bands like Kix or Sweden’s hard rock heroes Bullet you’ll love this. Big gang chant vocals on the chorus provide maximum impact.
“Poison Kiss” touches the sleaze genre in a slight way, with the slide guitar pushing this song into early 90’s territory. Once again the harmonies show some whoop-ass chops. A very commercial, catchy tune.
Ramping the tempo up a few notches, “Hot Lixx” is less about hot women but more about the trials and tribulations of a kid getting his first guitar and learning how to play. To keep the rhyming scenario going, this song could be a Kix offcut!

I feel an early Van Halen / Def Leppard meets AC/DC style with “Cocked And Ready”. The riff is one straight out of the Angus Young cookbook, though Erik Jayk’s vocals sounds more like ’70s era Aerosmith.
“Can’t Stop The Rock” is probably the closest in feel to the debut album material, the production is a bit more spacious, the arrangement close to ‘High N Dry’ period Def Leppard. This track is made for the arenas.

This EP is another winner for WILDSTREET.
“Faster…Louder…” is a perfect party ‘have a good time’ collection of songs.
Their mix of straight ahead non compromising fun hard rock and singalong choruses makes this EP so easy to love.
Hopefully we’ll see a full-blown CD release sometime soon.

01 – Shake It
02 – Poison Kiss
03 – Hot Lixx
04 – Cocked & Ready
05 – Can’t Stop The Rock

Eric Jayk – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Keith Roberts – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ali Hassan – Bass, Vocals
Brian Beck – Drums


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