THE IDES OF MARCH (Jim Peterik) – Still 19 (2010)

THE IDES OF MARCH  Jim Peterik Still 19

The year was 1964. The place was the working-class Chicago neighborhood of Berwyn.
The British musical invasion was under way, but the homegrown schoolboys from the Chicago blue-collar western suburb had just formed a rock band of their own called THE IDES OF MARCH.
Turned out that one of them, a young Jimmy Peterik had a knack for songwriting. One of his early songs, ‘You Wouldn’t Listen’ actually got played on radio and reached #7 in Chicago and #42 on Billboard Magazine’s Top 100.
The dreams started getting bigger…

Then, fueled by the trials and tribulations of teenage love and the frustrations of high-school romance, he penned a little ditty called ‘Vehicle”.
In 1969, they recorded the song for W.B. records and their world changed. That song went to #2 on Billboard and #1 on Cashbox, the industry’s other main publication.
The kids from Berwyn were suddenly on tour with the likes of Janis Joplin, The Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin. The Ides were a sensation.

Today, 46 years later, those four friends are still together, still playing music with each other, releasing a new album titled “Still 19”, being the oldest notable classic rock band performing with its original members.
Two years in the making that found the boys from Berwyn reaching back into the past and drawing an arc into the future-standing up to the challenge of the 21st century.

Since leaving Survivor, Jim has been touring with the Ides in between his work with Pride of Lions, World Stage and solo work, but this is the first album of new material in quit some time.
Peterik is the main creative force behind the album as usual, and as usual the songs are first class.
There are a couple tracks that were re-recorded from his other work such as “Secrets of a Woman” and “Live Life” from his 2006 solo album ‘Above the Storm’ and the beautiful ballad “Come Dancing” from the recently released Lisa Mclowery album ‘Time Signatures’ which he wrote and produced.
The songs were re-recorded with the Ides of March signature classic rock sound and are still great.
Along with those we have 7 new Peterik penned masterpieces including the title track “Still 19” which is a recapping of the career of the Ides of March set to a great melody.

Like all of the other projects involving Jim, Ides of March’s “Still 19” is a wonderful album filled with great songs and melodies.
Jim Peterik himself slaved over the mix and mastering in intense sessions, resulting in a pristine document.
“Still 19” is a state of mind. It is the age this band feels when they play together, with energy, defying age, gravity and location – a sum of every mile they’ve traveled, every show they’ve played, and all the records they have made.

01 – Secrets Of A Woman
02 – Soul To Soul
03 – I Found Love
04 – Still 19
05 – For One Moment
06 – Live Life
07 – Come Dancing
08 – Keep Rocking
09 – Love Will Rock You
10 – A Day In The Life
11 – Vehicle [Vintage Mix]

Jim Peterik : Guitar, Lead Vocals, Songwriting
Larry Millas : Guitar, Bass and Vocals
Bob Bergland : Bass, Sax and Vocals
Mike Borch : Drums and Vocals
Chuck Soumar : Trumpet, Percussion and Vocals
John Larson : Trumpet and Vocals
Dave Stahlberg : Horns
Scott May : Hammond Organ, Keyboards and Vocals

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