SILENT CALL – Greed (2010)

SILENT CALL Greed 2010

Friends since 1990, swedish guitarist Daniel Ekholm and keyboardist Patrik Tornblom started SILENT CALL in 2006 along with drummer Mikael Kvist and bassist Tobbe Moen.
Former Seventh Wonder vocalist Andi Kravljaca completes the lineup in the fall of 2006 and a subsequent demo in early 2007 leads them to a record deal.
The band’s debut ‘Creations From A Chosen Path’ in 2008 was a very promising collection of songs and now, their new album “Greed” shows tremendous growth which will undoubtedly give SILENT CALL the recognition they deserve.

SILENT CALL’s style might be classified as european hard rock / melodic metal with progressive undertones, very melodic and not in an over the top technical way but in a more developed sense with great dynamics and subtle, yet noticable time changes.
The band is able to shred with the best of them and demonstrate it when the song calls for it but really focus on the song structures and extreme melody that gives SILENT CALL their unique approach to this genre.

On “Greed” they have moved forward both musically and quality wise. The songs are strong, with great melodies, plenty of keyboards and therefore the sound is very pompish.
Guitar work is impressive, both on riff / soloing, and charismatic singer Andi Kravljaca has a great set of pipes that reminds of Goran Edman.

“Every Day” opens with a slow keyboard intro, before staccato guitar riffs and heavy bass drumming takes lead. The keyboards remain high in the mix and while the guitars bring a great deal of heaviness, those keys add a layer of atmosphere.
“I Am My Nation” cements Silent Call’s power and melody, by offering another top notch guitar riff along with Patrik Törnblom’s keys creating a slab of sound, giving the track extra power.
‘Through The Endless Night’ is easily one the best tracks on the album and a true stunner by any measure. It moves toward something more in the classic rock mould. Begins with a soft piano intro and vocal; once the guitars kick in, it becomes a very strong power ballad. Again, Andi K’s vocals are incredibly strong, but also of note is Mikael Kvist’s slow, stomping drum rhythm.

“All That Might Be” has a potent, groovy underlying riff. This track is some kind of a confident blues driven hard rock swagger as the harmonies go up and down, together with Kravljaca’s smooth register along with Patrik’s affinity for Jon Lord/ Whitesnake-like ivory expressions. Here is clear the band’s respect and admiration for all eras Rainbow and Whitesnake.
The cd continues with track 5 “Dream Tomorrow” which has a killer 80’s like yet powerful guitar riff then brings one of the best choruses on the album. A very pompish track.
“Turn The Tide” shows the more hard rocker / AOR side of this release with some awesome muti-layered vocals, once again this song shows off all sides of the writing skills by the band.

“When The Angels Call Your Name” is my favorite song here. This is a stunning pompish song with fantastic piano/keyboard sound and strings. The chorus is catchy, the progressions are memorable, cleverly orchestrated and extremely melodic. It features Andi’s deepest, diverse vocal delivery on “Greed”, proving how important a great singer can take normal power ballad fare and turn it into the upper stratospheres of believability.
“Clavain’s Tale” is a beautifully haunting and almost bluesy semi-acoustic number that again boasts a stunning vocal performance.

“Greed” is an intense, varied, fabulously played & produced album, and features no filler material.
One aspect that strikes instantly is the equal lead riff efforts coming from the keyboards just as often as the guitars – along with the rich, multi-part vocal harmonies that drive home the hooks.
Produced, mixed and mastered by the skilled Martin Kronlund.

01 – Every Day
02 – I Am My Nation
03 – Through The Endless Night
04 – All That Might Be
05 – Dream Tomorrow
06 – Turn The Tide
07 – Unbreakable
08 – Falling From Grace
09 – When The Angels Call Your Name
10 – The Wages Of Greed
11 – Clavain’s Tale

Andi Kravljaca : vocals
Daniel Ekholm : guitars
Patrik Törnblom : keyboards
Tobbe Moen : bass
Mikael Kvist : drums


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  1. Real Gone says:

    One of the best Escape Music releases of the past couple of years. Read my review of Silent Call's 'Greed' here!

  2. none says:

    Excellent! Thank you for bringing to light these critically-overlooked bands!

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