VIRGINIA WOLF – Push [remastered] (2010)

VIRGINIA WOLF Push remastered

VIRGINIA WOLF’s self-titled album introduced rock audiences to the vocal talents of british AOR legend Chris Ousey (HEARTLAND.
Besides, its place in rock history is assured, since it features a young Jason Bonham (the son of Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham) on drums.
The band followed the debut with a second album, “Push” in 1987, recorded and produced in San Francisco, USA, by Kevin Elson (JOURNEY, EUROPE) with a lush, polished sound.

Just like the self-titled debut, “Push” remains as a classic in AOR history, featuring great vocal harmonies, punchy guitar / keyboard work and catchy song structures.
“Don’t Break Away”, “Standing On The Edge Of Time”, “Let It Go”, “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”, “Can You Feel The Fire” are pure classy AOR ’80s AOR tunes in the vein of LOVERBOY, FOREIGNER an alikes.

Recently reissued with an excellent remastered job, it’s the new generations opportunity to discover an amazing classic, and to the old school rockers, to enjoy this refreshed version including 2 bonus tracks never released before on CD.
A Highly Recommended Classic.

01 – Don’t Break Away
02 – One Night
03 – Standing on the Edge of Time
04 – Open Door
05 – Man in the Moon
06 – Let It Go
07 – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
08 – Can You Feel The Fire
09 – Tables Have Turned
10 – The Strangest Thing (It’s Called Love)
11 – Tearing Me Down [from Don’t Break Away EP] (bonus track)
12 – Matter Of Time [from Don’t Break Away EP] (bonus track)

Chris Ousey : vocals
Nick Bold : guitars
Jo Burt : bass
Jason Bonham : drums


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