TWO FIRES – Burning Bright (2010)

TWO FIRES Burning Bright

World-class singer Kevin Chalfant has already released many great albums during his long musical career, first with the band 707 (‘Mega Force’ from 1982), later with Steel Breeze (‘Heart on The Line’ from 1984).

Then, the all-star group The Storm (the self-titled debut album from 1991 and ‘The Eye Of The Storm’ from 1996), The Vu (‘Phoenix Rising’ from 2000) and finally with Two Fires (the debut ‘Two Fires’ from 2000 and the second album ‘Ignition’ from 2002).

Now there’s finally a new TWO FIRES album again, entitled “Burning Bright”, and an excellent one indeed.

This time Kevin has gotten the support from his live-band to enhance the group feeling and the eleven songs on offer here are all very enjoyable melodic rock tracks with (of course) a great singer and mighty fine guitar work.

Chalfant sings superbly on this new recording and everyone knows that he is definitely from the Steve Perry school of microphone smooching. His ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ makes this material instantly familiar.

There’s lots of JOURNEY on this album but there even some SURVIVOR and STAN BUSH traces.

Just listen to the Neal Schon (Journey) and Gregg Rolie (ex-Journey) co-written ‘Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid’, the catchy opening tracks ‘Is It Any Wonder’ and ‘Lost In The Song’, the ballads ‘Shattered Without You’ and ‘All For One’ or the great title track ‘Burning Bright’, all songs that will certainly be appreciated by the fans of the genre.

“Burning Bright” is a solid AOR album and I think it’s the strongest Two Fires album so far and production is really good.

It is for the better that mister Chalfant has picked up his singing career again, because he’s still on great form.

The last couple of months we’re really spoilt by magnificent Melodic Rock / AOR releases and “Burning Bright” of Two Fires is certainly one of them.

01 – Is It Any Wonder

02 – Lost In The Song

03 – Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

04 – Epic In The Night

05 – Shattered Without You

06 – Burning Bright

07 – Hold On To Your Dream

08 – Still In Love

09 – Answer To My Prayer

10 – Relentless

11 – All For One

Lead Vocals: Kevin Chalfant

All Guitars: Michael “Ralph” Gardner

5 String Bass: Randy Hatzer

Keyboards: Chuck Giacinto

Drums: Timmy Higgins, Jim Widlowski, Shawn Fichter

Add. rhythm and acoustic guitars: Alby Odum

Guitar solo on “Is It Any Wonder”: Rex Carroll (Whitecross)

Strings on “All For One”: Tyrone Lancaster

Backing Vocals: Mike Higgins, Michael “Ralph” Gardner, Denny Rockey, Kurt Benckendorf & Kevin Chalfant

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