GOO GOO DOLLS – Something For The Rest Of Us [Deluxe edition] (2010)

GOO GOO DOLLS Something For The Rest Of Us

When the Goo Goo Dolls released “Let Love In” in 2006, it was received with much criticism, especially on the production of the album. Because of that expectations for the next album were high.
Recording sessions began in 2008 and about one and a half years later, at the end of 2009, the album was finished.
It was ready to be mixed, when the band decided that it probably wasn’t good enough and they went back into the studio for a few months.
When looking back, this was probably a very clever move, because the production of this album is solid as rock.

Inspiration and main theme of the album is the uncertain time of the United States right now, when looking at the emotions of average Americans.
The album gets off to a flying start with ‘Sweetest Lie’, a good choice for an opener, with a chanting chorus and e-bow guitars. Powerful track.
From here on we have mainly power ballads and soft rock songs that each have their own distinctive sound.
Personal favourites are ‘As I Am’ (an atmospheric and catchy power ballad), the heartbreaking ‘Notbroken’ (an emotionally charged acoustic number which is well written and builds to a rocking finish), ‘One Night’ (very good mid-tempo soft rock, instantly likeable), ‘Nothing Is Real’ (hard edged ballad, epic sing-along chorus) and ‘Still Your Song’ (probably the best track of all).

This deluxe edition comes with 3 bonus tracks, a cover of Flesh For Lulu’s ‘Postcards From Paradise’, ‘Home’ on acoustics, and a very good version of Pete Townshend’s ‘Rough Boys’.
The last one has bassist Robby Takac singing and it shows once again that John Rzeznik isn’t the only singer in this group.

Not many bands who have been around for a quarter century are still putting out a quality product like this, and it is a testament to this band’s constant desire to improve its songcraft, and they have become old pros at crafting this type of pop-rock that endures years after it is released.
In other words, Goo Goo Dolls are back and as good as they ever were.

01 – Sweetest Lie
02 – As I Am
03 – Home
04 – Notbroken
05 – One Night
06 – Nothing Is Real
07 – Now I Hear
08 – Still Your Song
09 – Something For The Rest Of Us
10 – Say You’re Free
11 – Hey Ya
12 – Soldier
13 – Postcards From Paradise [Bonus Track]
14 – Rough Boys [Bonus Track]
15 – Home (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]

John Rzeznik – guitar, lead vocals, background vocals
Robby Takac – bass, background vocals, lead vocals
Mike Malinin – drums, percussion
Additional personnel:
Zac Rae – keyboards
Tim Pierce – rhythm guitars


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    Thanks for post, great album 0dayrock rules!

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    Thanks a lot for the deluxe version!

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