DRIVE SHE SAID – Dreams Will Come (2010)

DRIVE SHE SAID was formed in 1988, and released their first album in 1989.
Put together by AMERICAN TEARS, VALHALLA and TOUCH keyboard man Mark Mangold and vocalist/guitarist Al Fritsch, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better selection of AOR songs than on their debut album.
The band’s sound is characterized by Fritsch stellar vocals and Mangold scathing songwriting and musicianship, with anthemic songs and deep tapestries of keys and guitars.

This ‘new’ album is some kind of Greatest Hits, featuring a couple on new songs and some re-recordings.
“Fool’s Game” was a hit for Michael Bolton and “I Found Someone” was one of Cher’s big comeback hits. Both were written by Mark Mangold, and now he gets do to his versions with Jon Bivona doing the guitar honors.
Also two new songs were written, the one called “Dreams Will Come” and the heavier kick ass “Try To Let Go (FukUUp)”.
Al, who plays every instrument on “Dreams Will Come”, got an opportunity to show off his multi-talents.
“Try To Let Go” features the magic trade off between Mark and Al.

Then we’re into the classics, kicking off with the band reworking of the TOUCH classic “Don’t You Know What Love Is” one of no less than six tracks from their debut album, something that shows you just how good that record was.
Then it’s on to the title track of Drivin’ Wheel, and the greatest slice of pomp mayhem that House Of Lords never recorded.

The 1997 best-of ‘Road To Paradise’ came with five new tracks and one of those, the excellent “Look At What You Got” makes the cut here as well.
The 2003 comeback album ‘Real Life’ gets three numbers: “Stronger”, “Real Life” and “Always and Forever (Godz)”

“Dreams Will Come” it’s an outstanding compilation, especially given the limited availability of the first two records.
And if you’ve ever wondered why those first two Drive She Said albums are talked about in hushed tones whenever AOR fans get together, this is your chance to find out.

Highly Recommended

01 – Fools Game
02 – I Found Some One
03 – Dreams Will Come [NEW track 2010]
04 – Try 2 Let Go (FukUUp) [NEW track 2010]
05 – Don’t You Know
06 – Drivin’ Wheel
07 – Maybe It’s Love
08 – Hard Way Home
09 – If This Is Love
10 – Think Of Love
11 – Hard to Hold
12 – Look At What You Got
13 – Hold On (Hands Around Your Heart)
14 – Stronger
15 – Real Life
16 – Love Has No Pride
17 – Always And Forever (Godz)

Mark Mangold (vocals, keyboards)
Al Fritsch (vocals, guitar, bass)
Jon Bivona (guitar)
Paul Ranieri (bass)
Mike Sorrentino (drums)


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