BRIAN HOWE – Circus Bar (2010)

Long regarded as one of rock’s legendary voices, Brian Howe started his career in 1983 as lead vocalist for Ted Nugent on the “Penetrator” album and fronting its band on the subsequent world tour.

In 1984, drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Mick Ralphs asked Brian to replace Paul Rodgers as the lead singer in Bad Company.

Brian decided to accept the offer and continue the legend of the band. This was not an easy task, but along with Kirke and Ralphs, Brian created, wrote, recorded and toured for the following 10 years, headlining every major venue around the globe.

Along with Bad Company’s highly acclaimed 1993 live CD “What You Hear Is What You Get – The Best of Bad Company – Live”, Brian wrote and sold with Bad Company something like 19 million of records, highlighted by such radio and video hits as “Holy Water”, “If You Needed Somebody,” “No Smoke Without A Fire,” and “How About That,” – not to mention a few of the group’s previous hits as recorded on the “live” CD.

Thirteen years after the release of his debut solo album “Tangled in Blue” (later renamed “Touch” in Europe), Brian is back and ready to unleash his awesome new solo album entitled “Circus Bar”.

“When I decided I wanted to make a new CD” tells Brian, ”I wanted to try to make everything memorable and enjoyable.

Therefore I set aside a week for writing with my new producer Brooks Paschal and I decided we would go down to my favourite place in the entire world: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, an incredibly inspirational place for me to be.

We realized after three days that we had written enough songs for the CD and that took any pressure I had been feeling away and it soon became obvious that the CD should be named after that wonderful little bar where we spent our evenings eating, drinking and listening to the local music.

The bar was started by circus performers and still has posters and pictures of all the great circus acts from throughout the years”.

Some friends helped Brian in shaping up “Circus Bar”, an album, which promises to be a career landmark for this amazing singer: Wayne Nelson of Little River Band dropped by the studio for a few days and also Pat Travers popped in and played guitar on “My Town”.

“I didn’t want to have too many “established” musicians on the record because I wanted to keep the feel somewhat fresh and spontaneous”, explains Brian.

The album includes also two stunning – newly recorded – remakes of the Bad Company hits “How ‘Bout That” and “Holy Water”.

01 – I’m Back

02 – Life’s Mystery

03 – There’s This Girl

04 – It Could Have Been You

05 – I’m surrounded

06 – Flying

07 – How It Could Have Been

08 – My Town

09 – How About That

10 – Feels Like Coming Home

11 – If You Want Trouble

12 – What Am I Feeling

13 – Holy Water

14 – Little George Street

Brian Howe (vocals)

Brooks Paschal (guitar)

Dean Aicher (guitar)

James Paul Wisner (guitar)

Tyson Shipman (guitar)

Pat Travers (guitar)

Brooks Paschal (bass)

Miguel Gonzalez (bass)

Wayne Nelson (bass)

Matt Brown (drums)

Luke Davids (keyboards)


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