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TOXICROSE – In For The Kill (2021)

Swedish hard rockers TOXICROSE will be releasing their new studio album ”In For The Kill” via Golden Robot Records / Crusader Records on September 24, 2021. The long awaited sophomore CD from the Stockholm based quartet is here, a band known for their huge and heavy mix of metal & sleaze, and this new effort is no exception.
With 10 fist pumping tracks filled with big choruses, ”In For The Kill” is an album that fires from all cylinders from start to finish. Production is more ‘in-your-face’ now, punchy, dark but melodious at the same time. Kinda a mix of Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Wildstreet, and a pinch of Black Veil Brides…

HEADLESS (Goran Edman) – Square One (2021)

Classic hard rock and progressive combine on the new album from the acclaimed European act HEADLESS featuring members of Geoff Tate’s band Elegy and superb vocalist Goran Edman (Yngwie, John Norum).
On “Square One“, HEADLESS continues with their mixture of rocking anthems this time spiced with melodic catchiness, and a touch of AOR in the form of the foundational sounds from the genre. The new album is reinforced by new bassist Martin Helmantel, whose playing from 1992 to 2002 was the backbone for a decade of outstanding progressive metal by Dutch rockers Elegy.
But made no mistake, HEADLESS star is Edman, a singer with an always surprising range and emotion providing infinite colors to these timeless classic rocking tunes. Mastered by Ted Jensen (Dream Theater, Marillion, Metallica), “Square One” is HEADLESS strongest effort to date, no doubt…

THY ROW – Unchained (2021)

Helsinki, Finland’s THY ROW, which is helmed by Everfrost vocalist Mikael Salo will be releasing the debut album ”Unchained” on September 24th, 2021 via Rockshots Records. Thy Row offers up a fresh mix of old-school classic metal with modern hard rock, and a punchy production sound recalling the heaviest side of ECLIPSE.
However, musically THY ROW bring to mind PRETTY MAIDS, and their clever combination of heavy polished riffs with catchy melodies. From the tight rhythm feels to the big vocals, I am lost in this one.
This is the near perfect head-banger album, one that energetically combines metal heaviness and hard rocking groove. The kind of album that can get just about everyone up and moving. The riffs are frantic, the vocals are inspiring and the drums really add a ton of meat to the bones.

ALL FOR THE KING – Let There Be Light (2021)

After the critically acclaimed debut in 2017, Swedes ALL FOR THE KING are back with their new album entitled ”Let There Be Light“. Erik Tilling’s guitar playing has been rightly compared with hard rock riff-master Tony Iommi and singer Ricard Hulteke with legend Glenn Hughes, and that’s confirmed within the songs on ”Let There Be Light”, showcasing a band stronger and more melodic like never before.
While at places ALL FOR THE KING sounds like ’80s Black Sabbath / Tony Martin era, sonically this album go for much more, at places very classic traditional hard rock, at others Scandi melodic hard rock with pumping rhythms and huge choruses…

MICHAEL KRATZ – Tafkatno (2021)

To be released by Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group, “Tafkatno” is the new album from Danish Westcoast / AOR / melodic rocker MICHAEL KRATZ, featuring an outstanding list of special guests including Christian Warburg (Paul Young), Bruce Gaitsch (King Of Hearts, Richard Marx, Lionville), Torben Lysholm (Pangea, Mysterell, Acacia Avenue), Davide Gilardino & Luca Carlomagno (Mindfeels) and Janey Clewer (Bill Champlin, Michael Bolton, among others).
KRATZ, who won several gold awards in his home country, mixes different styles from these genres always influenced by the classic era, lead by his raspy voice which isn’t typical for this musical style but makes the record somehow interesting and slightly different…

DANNY DANZI – Tribulations (2021)

Some 18 years after he delivered the last album, American melodic hard rocker DANNY DANZI is back with a new recording ”Tribulations”, which easily is his best, most complete work to date. This particular CD has been 10 years in the making and is a concept album based on the life and challenges of Danny, drummer Guy DeFalco and bassist Joe DeFalco.
The new material blends that classic 80s/90s melodic hard rock melodies with groove-orientated riffs, intense guitar work and catchy choruses, showcasing a wider variety of style and raise the bar in relation to the performance, composition and overall musicianship of Danzi’s previous efforts.
It’s a pretty killer record with wrapped by a vibrant, polished production sound.
HIGHLY Recommended

MAD INVASION (Alien / Bad Habit members) – Edge Of The World (2021)

And finally it’s here ”Edge Of The World”, the long awaited debut from Swedish super-group MAD INVASION. And we say ‘super’ because this album marks the comeback, after many years, of superb singer Pete Sandberg who’s voice has graced unforgettable albums with Alien, Midnight Sun, Madison and more.
Add talented Hal Marabel (Bad Habit) on guitar and keyboards, Mats Jeppsson (Raise Cain) on bass and Mats Bergentz (Silver Mountain, Syron Vanes) on drums, and you have seasoned, experienced musicians here. Oh, as extra, legendary Mikkey Dee (Motörhead, Scorpions) play drums on 3 songs.
And then there’s the quality, varied songwriting. Ranging from groovy traditional hard rockers (‘Edge Of The World’, ‘Scream ‘n Shout’) to commercial melodic rockers (‘Crazy & Wild’, ‘Until the End’), and even ’80s Scandi AOR (‘Trial By Fire’, we love this!), there’s something for everyone here.
HIGHLY Recommended

THUNDER – All The Right Noises : The Bonus Songs (2021)

British rock legends THUNDER have announced the release of the expanded edition of their 13th studio album, ‘All The Right Noises‘ on 24th September 2021 on BMG. It follows on from the album’s original release earlier this year, which saw the band maintain their incredible chart run by achieving a No.3 Album; as well as rave reviews.
This 3-disc deluxe edition – with a slightly different cover artwork now turned to red – features a bonus CD and a DVD. The extra audio disc includes 4 studio tracks, plus 8 tracks recorded live at Rockfield Studios.
As requested by fans, now these ”All The Right Noises : The Bonus Songs” will be available as digital download, as a standalone / separated purchase.
Thirty-plus years in the business, and Thunder show us they are at the top of their game…

TREMONTI – Marching In Time (2021)

Mark Tremonti is one of those musicians who simply cannot stop. The music is always there, trying to get out of his head. His solo band TREMONTI albums have generally been sold on the premise that the sounds therein are ​‘too heavy’ for Alter Bridge – but in reality, Mark simply needs more outlets.
The upcoming ”Marching In Time” is his fifth release in nine years (only one fewer than Alter Bridge in total), giving some idea of his creative yield. It’s a more straight song-format opus than the band’s previous albums, still a jaw-dropping platform for the guitarist’s brawny riffs and rippling solos, all of which stand out but never to the detriment of the songs.
Some may argue that straddling the divide between modern rock and the more jagged fringes of old school metal can’t yield greatness; “Marching In Time” begs to differ…

ALICE COOPER – Constrictor [Japan HR/HM 1000 Vol.2 series] (2020) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Today, September 22, is the 35th-year anniversary of the release of ALICE COOPER‘s “comeback” album ”Constrictor”, and the legendary shock-rock icon continues to tour and release albums at an impressive pace. Can you think of another artist or band that has made such a successful comeback after being down and out for a number of years?
To celebrate this rockin’ 1986’s album anniversary we’re featuring in exclusive the recent (December 2020) Japanese CD reissue of ”Constrictor” as part of the HR/HM 1000 Vol.2 series.
Writing the songs with guitarist Kane Roberts, Alice came up with very catchy and memorable ’80s style music that fit right alongside everything that was being released at that time: polished, commercial melodic hard rock produced by the men of the moment: Michael Wagener & Beau Hill.
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

DORO / WARLOCK – Triumph & Agony Live (2021)

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of WARLOCK‘s classic album “Triumph and Agony”, vocalist DORO Pesch will be releasing “Triumph and Agony Live” in various formats.
Doro says: “It has always been my dream to play the ‘Triumph and Agony’ album live in its entirety. The first time we did it was at Sweden Rock, followed by a big tour in the US and Spain and more big festival shows like Graspop and Norway Rock.”
Now it’s finally finished: a great live album called “Triumph and Agony Live“.
“Triumph and Agony” is one of Warlock’s best albums, containing some of their great classic anthems like ¡All we are’, ‘Forever’ and ‘I rule the ruins’ as well as fan favorites like ‘Metal tango’, ‘Three minute warning’, ‘Kiss of death’ and ‘East meets west’, not forgetting the headbanging album opener ‘Touch of evil’.
Fortunately the sound is quite raw, really live, not over-processed / overdubbed…

FROZEN TEARS – Silence Of The Night [remastered +1] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Originally released in 1997, Australian melodic rockers FROZEN TEARS‘ debut album ”Silence Of The Night” is one of the much sought after indie CD’s out there, now available again in limited quantities. Copies circulating among collectors are pretty muddy in sound – this new revised / remastered version noticeably improves the quality.
Musically these guys are in the purest tradition of the genre mixing rockers with smooth AOR melodies, and a wide range of influences ranging from Kiss, Crystal Blue, Leatherwolf, to Roxus, Giant, Signal, TNT, The Promise, etc.
Frozen Tears went into an extended hiatus not long after the release of this album and its subsequent local tour to promote it, but the band never officially broke up, and this 2021 are back with new album, and a good one.
However ”Silence Of The Night”, even with some production imperfections, packs all the magic of a young band hungry to show up their skills to the world.
Only at 0dayrox

LOST JOHNNY – Hidden Measures… And 1/2 Truths (1995) Rare Albums

Now it’s time for this requested, quite hard to find album from Canadians LOST JOHNNY, “Hidden Measures… And 1/2 Truths“. Originally released in 1995 by a small label, the CD has become a collector’s piece since.
LOST JOHNNY was formed in the second half of the ’80s, with some members having worked as session musicians. Their music & style was American glam metal / melodic hard rock with a late ’80s sound.
In fact, all these songs were written / recorded 1991-1993, but not released until 1995 when this type of music was buried by depressive rock.
It doesn’t matters; LOST JOHNNY’s songa are awesome, and production top notch, like any major label release fro mthe golden era. And musically – and quality wise – they easily can be compared with Warrant, XYZ, Dokken, Trixter, etc…

LYNX – Long Live Rock n’ Roll (2021)

It’s not often you can say a hard rock band formed after two members bonded over a Lewis Capaldi track, but that appears to be the case with Canadians Lÿnx. Vocalist Lazer Wild and lead guitarist Blade showed mutual admiration for the song “Someone You Loved” so they decided to cover the track. But while the original is just vocals and piano, they did a full electric power-ballad re-work.
Now LYNX, this classic ’80 Hard Rock / Glam Metal band hailing from Calgary, Canada, are releasing their new EP ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll‘, a powerful, catchy, anthemic collection of songs combining the best of Kiss, Poison, Ratt, Motley Crüe with their own personality…
This is pure hair metal circa 1987 but not a parody or a nostalgic trip, Lÿnx sounds real, authentic, and kick some serious ass…

PATRIK AHLM CONCORD – California Heatwave (2021)

Despite decades in the music business it took until 2021 for Swede PATRIK AHLM to get ready to release music under his own name. An experienced musician, producer, and songwriter who has been part of reputed AOR bands like Time Gallery, Colorstone, Art Of Illusion, and recently Backman Johanson (just to name few), Ahlm has a way down intense passion for music and is an irreparable serial songwriter.
For his new solo venture he has named the project PATRIK AHLM CONCORD and is presenting a bunch of songs with a lovely ’80s vibe. Just take as example ‘California Heatwave‘, a song which title speaks for itself and definitely will take you back to 1983-84 (watch the video below)…