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MOTORHEAD – Ace Of Spades [40th Anniversary Deluxe Box-Set]

Ace Of Spades” – the title track of MOTÖRHEAD‘s 1980 iconic, game-changing album isn’t just one of the greatest hard rock songs ever written – it has truly become a lifestyle anthem for several generations of rockers, metalheads, punks, bikers, athletes, rebels, outcasts, and freethinkers all around the world.
Few songs in modern history can instantly ignite the adrenaline of music fans the way the song’s opening dirty bass riff, and drum roll can. From zero to 100 mph in a matter of seconds. That speaker-destroying opening riff is unstoppable. And the song altered the course of hard rock… forever.
To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, a box set of ”Ace Of Spades” will be released tomorrow, including the original album remastered 2020; a previously unreleased recording of a 1981 concert in Belfast; another 1981 concert from Orleans, France; a double-album of B-sides & rarities, and an EP of previously unreleased instrumentals.
The definitive version of ‘Ace Of Spades’, a classic.

BLACK STONE CHERRY – The Human Condition (2020)

As the world plummeted into the COVID-19 pandemic, the four members of BLACK STONE CHERRY were nestled deep in the woods of Kentucky, scrambling to complete their 7th album “The Human Condition“. There, they could feel the disease closing in as they watched the news daily, and it became apparent the album they were finishing featured lyrics that were eerily prescient.
The resulting 13-track record is broadly emotive, and anthemic. It was finished just before the global lockdown was imposed, and it’s aptly titled, ”The Human Condition”.
In the past two decades, BLACK STONE CHERRY has set a new standard for Southern rock, revitalizing the tradition with burly riffs and stirring rock hooks.
For the first time, the band opted to not record basics live and instead meticulously multitracked. Each member endured grueling sessions to ensure the collective studio mindset of achieving “epic performances.”
The results are stunning—the grooves feel organic, the riffs are mountainous, the performances are urgent, and the hooks shine through gloriously.

EDGE OF THE BLADE – Feels Like Home (2020)

Feels Like Home” is the new, second album from melodic rockers EDGE OF THE BLADE, the band featuring the talents of Alan Kelly (ex SHY) and John Francis (ex AFTER HOURS), and you can resume their style & sound taking as reference their previous bands and all the 80s British Melodic Rock / AOR movement.
While there was some duds with EDGE OF THE BLADE’s debut album, this new effort “Feels Like Home” is a totally different beast. When I say ‘beast’ I suppose I should say pussycat; the fluffiest Persian pussycat you can imagine.
Aside are the modern sounds of debut here; the guys have adopted an amalgam of SHY, TOBRUK, etc with JOURNEY, FOREIGNER and SURVIVOR with interspersed DEF LEPPARD harmonies and lush production thron in for good measure.
HIGHLY Recommended

IMPERIUM – Heaven Or Hell (2020)

To be released tomorrow via AOR Heaven Records, “Heaven Or Hell” is the third album from IMPERIUM, the solo project of Finnish drummer Mika Brushane, who has been playing drums in various bands since 1981 in all genres from jazz to metal.
The music is melodic rock / AOR and has a big dose of that classy ’80s feel to it. Mika writes all the songs & lyrics and plays the drums, bass, keyboards and does backing vocals. All the lead vocals and guitars are handled by various well known musicians from the rock/metal scene such as Robban Ernlund (Treat), Robbie LaBlanc (Blanc Faces). Markku Kuikka (Kenziner, The Ragged Saints), Stefano Lionetti (Lionville), Mikey K Nilsson (Sapphire Eyes), and Erkka Korhonen (Dark Sarah, Urban Tale).
You can’t go wrong here, this is high class stuff rich in melodies and soaring vocals.
HIGHLY Recommended

WILDNESS – Ultimate Demise (2020)

Take a look at the album cover of the upcoming WILDNESS new album ”Ultimate Demise”… kinda ’80s, isn’t it?. And yes, the music delivered by these Scandinavians is absolutely Eighties Melodic Hard Rock / AOR inspired ranging from soaring melodies to catchy choruses.
In 2019 singer Gabriel Lindmark left WILDNESS but the band soon find Erik Forsberg (ex-Blazon Stone) as their new frontman in the spring of 2020. And the guy has the pipes…
”Ultimate Demise” is impeccably arranged and performed with that atmosphere to satisfy any melodic rock fan. It combines the best of the Scandinavian melodic rock scene from the modern era with the past.
Out on AOR Heaven Records tomorrow, and a HIGHLY Recommended purchase.

HYDROGYN – The Boiling Point (2020)

A favorite of us mixing the classic female fronted melodic rock of yesteryear with a modern sound, HYDROGYN burst onto the scene with their debut album Bombshell in 2006. In the beginning, the group was fronted by Julie Westlake, Hydrogyn toured the US and Europe and released four full-length studio albums. She was replaced by Erica Parrot for the 2017 release ‘Redemption’.
The year 2020 finds HYDROGYN reshuffling the deck once again: Holly Hines Freed takes over on vocals for their upcoming release ‘The Boiling Point’.
The new album reveals that the latest version of HYDROGYN will no longer confine themselves to one Rock style or another. Each of the 10 original tracks have their own sound and identity to them. There’s 3 covers, and band can mix it up and Freed shows she is versatile and compelling at the mic.

RICH KID EXPRESS – Psychodelic (2020)

Created by singer / songwriter Rob Richardson, RICH KID EXPRESS is releasing tomorrow “Psychodelic“, their full length debut album plenty of hard rockin’, riff-driving songs.
Despite its title (and the dodgy cover artwork), “Psychodelic” brings back the sounds of vintage ’70s and commercial ’80s style hard rock, with tunes that hearken back to a time when rock ‘n’ roll radio was fun.
Drawing on influences from the glam-rock and bubblegum giants of the ’70s like KISS or SLADE, as well as the ’80s melodic rock / hair metal genre, ”Psychodelic” is a refreshingly bright, catchy, entertaining listen.
One of the surprises of the year, and one very enjoyable.

MATTADOR – Save Us From Ourselves [original version 1991 different tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

Puerto Rican melodic hard rock band MATTADOR 1994’s album ”Save Us From Ourselves” was requested and posted at 0dayrox, but few know the band already recorded an early version of the album in 1991, only released in their homeland and very much sought after by collectors.
Production is very good as well for an indie, and half of the tracks on this “Save Us From Ourselves [original version 1991]” are not present in the 94 re-recording. What it isn’t different is MATTADOR talent to play awesomely and craft terrific melodies.
The overall style is slightly more Melodic Rock oriented than the later re-recordings, and among the pearls of the songs exclusive to this ’91 version there’s the fantastic ‘The Hurting Is Over’, a keyboard-driven AOR tune with a pure ’80s vibe all over.
HIGHLY Recommended
Only at 0dayrox

MATTADOR – Save Us From Ourselves [re-recorded 1994 / ‘International version’]

As requested, here’s a must listen rarity: “Save Us From Ourselves“, the re-recording of MATTADOR‘s album “Save Us From Ourselves” from 1991, a very hard to find private release.
MATTADOR hails from Puerto Rico, but I guarantee these guys doesn’t sound like Ricky Martin at all. Instead, this 5-piece play an awesome blend of hard rock with melodic progressive and some AOR waves all over the record.
Despite its indie origin, the production sound of this 1994 CD is great, with the album receiving rave reviews in Europe and Japan, achieving a cult status. This is the re-recording of the the original release from 1991.
You don’t see too many rock bands coming out of Puerto Rico do you? Well here’s one. And a really good one. It’s spectacular progressive melodic rock all the way. Musically really original, to mention some reference think Mr.BIG, EXTREME, the commercial side of QUEENSRYCHE and some DREAM THEATER circa ‘Images & Words’.
Singer Tony Collazo sings in perfect English, with a rich vocal texture ranging from Ted Poley and Gary Cherone, to Russell Arcara and… oh, in the more melodic songs… Steve Perry. Guitarist Miguel Angel Rodriguez is second to none…

MATTADOR – Quien Nos Salvará [Save Us From Ourselves Spanish version] [2020 reissue] *EXCLUSIVE*

To complete the request of MATTADOR‘s album ‘Save Us From Ourselves’, here’s the just released 2020 for the first time digitally the band’s very first release of the album, originally recorded at the end of the ’80s with Spanish lyrics and titled ”Quien Nos Salvará”.
It’s curious and fun to listen to the songs from ‘Save Us From Ourselves’ into a different language context, and how much the band evolved technically.
Only released on physical cassette, the production quality is pretty good, and while we largely prefer the 1991 & 1994 versions of thse tunes, a good song is always a good song.
A collectible, Only at 0dayrox

KIYOSHI 清 (Marty Friedman’s Band) – Kiyoshi3 (2018)

After the new MARTY FRIEDMAN album featured here, one of you asked for some (KIYOSHI) music. Kiyoshi is the Japanese bassist in Friedman’s band, and she has 4 solo albums. “Kiyoshi3” should be the best of all, however all are very interesting.
For those of you who have seen Marty Friedman perform live in recent years, you know that KIYOSHI is one hell of a bass player and entertainer. She might look like a quiet and cute girl in a red dress, but when she starts playing her Warwick five-string bass, she’s fierce and unstoppable. And a very good singer too.

CORY MARKS (feat Mick Mars) – Who I Am (2020)

Who I Am” is the debut album from CORY MARKS, a young dude with lots of attitude (and talent) mixing Country music with hard-hitting stomp of Rock & Roll, and a strong dose of Southern Rock.
Something similar of what RON KEEL, BRETT MICHAELS, KID ROCK, etc did in the past but with his own spin, the album features collaborations with artists such as Mick Mars, Lzzy Hale, Ivan Moody, and Travis Tritt. It was produced by award winning Kevin Churko (Shania Twain, Ozzy Osbourne) and the result is pretty smokin’

LEFT LANE – In Common (1985) [P-Vine Japan Remaster 2018 / first time on CD] *EXCLUSIVE*

It’s a pleasure to fulfill this request: the Japanese-only release of “In Common“, the 1985 sole album from LEFT LANE, the band led by Peter & Jim Mayer who later formed cult-classic AOR band ‘PM’ in the late ’80s.
“In Common” has previously only been available on LP in Sweden through Sison Music, however in a extremely limited edition. But now, thanks to P-Vine Records, we able to enjoy this album for the first time ever on CD, fully remastered.
Mixing Westcoast, mid-Eighties Lite AOR and sweet melodic progressive elements, the songs are elaborated pieces delivering impressive instrumentation with smooth vocals. Love the tightness of the sound, at places bringing to mind the jazzy-pop fusion of TOTO and Jay Graydon’s projects. Lovers of PM’s 1988 self-titled album will find much to enjoy as well.
Only at 0dayrox

SPEARFISH – The English Project [Our Tribute to Jon English] (2020)

SPEARFISH, the Swedish hard rock band that backed Aussie/English vocalist Jon English when he performed in Sweden in 2013, just made available their tribute album to the late vocalist titled “The English Project“.
This was supposed to be the new album of the band with John English, but unfortunately he passed away while recording. Spearfish and Jon English first met in 2013 when they played together at a Swedish rock festival. This happened again in 2015, and after that Jon decided he wanted to record a new studio album with Spearfish as backing band.
Unfortunately, English died in 2016, but the band together with the initiator of the project Johannes Lindstron (Sweden Rock) decided to complete the album with the help of invited artists. However, Jon managed to sing in two songs that are on the disc. These are brand new songs written by him and Spearfish.
Among the stellar guests there’s Dan McCafferty of Nazareth, Rick Brewster of The Angels, John Lawton (Uriah Heep), Tony Carey (ex- Rainbow), Darren Wharton (Dare, ex-Thin Lizzy) and many more.

LYNCH MOB – Evil : Live [Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Cleopatra Records has just reissued / remastered George Lynch’s LYNCH MOB album ”Evil : Live”, a long out of print record revised in its sonic ‘mastering cut’, now coming out of the speakers punchier than never before and featuring new artwork.
On the original version Robert Mason’s vocals weren’t clear enough, and now you can appreciate how well the man performed these songs, a good mix of LYNCH MOB two first albums including the classics “Wicked Sensation,” “River Of Love,” and “Tangled In The Web”, plus a killer cover of QUEENS’s “Tie Your Mother Down” to close the show.
Of course there’s some insane Lynch guitar work, showcasing he’s not only an awesome shredder but also a skilled rhythm-driven orchestrator.
Killer record.
Only at 0dayrox