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AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s “Stiff Upper Lip” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Resolution Audio. AC/DC rocked back into action with ”Stiff Upper” Lip on Feb. 28, 2000, almost exactly a quarter century since the release of their Australia-only debut High Voltage.
This 13th studio album proved once again that millenniums could come and go, but it would take a lot more than some silly Y2K hysteria to slow down this hard-rock institution.
In fact, that textbook AC/DC approach to blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll on steroids was never more in evidence than on ”Stiff Upper Lip”. Blues. That’s the foundation of this album, and I love it.

AC/DC – Ballbreaker [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s “Ballbreaker” has been recently remastered 2020 as part of the Hi-Resolution Audio reissue series. A 13th album turned out to be lucky for AC/DC: “Ballbreaker”, released on Sept. 26, 1995, continued their return to form after 1990’s masterpiece ‘The Razor’s Edge’.
Part of the reason for its success was the return to the fold of drummer Phil Rudd, who had left an impossible void to fill during his decade-long absence.
Plus, there was the news of the recruitment of super-producer Rick Rubin – master of the back-to-basics career resurrection – following his successful audition on 1993’s Last Action Hero soundtrack hit, “Big Gun.”
”Ballbreaker” showed us that with the proper tools in place – a persistent producer, metronome drummer, and a strong work ethic – AC/DC are capable of turning back the clock and reconnecting with the essence of their greatness and …

KROKUS – One Vice At A Time [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, KROKUS kick ass LP “One Vice At A Time” was part of the ’80s records of the band reissue campaign from the label. Something the fans of the Swiss Hard Rock pioneer band have been demanding for some time.
There comes a tipping point in every artist’s career where years of hard work and paying dues suddenly turn into an avalanche of praise and success.
Krokus reached this point with the release of “One Vice At A Time”, a supremely crafted album boasting a clutch of tracks that elevated their appeal far beyond anything previously conceived or, indeed, achieved.
Co-produced in London by former AC/DC engineer Tony Platt and issued in 1982, with “One Vice At A Time” the band made a concerted effort to refine their sound and ambition by bringing their trademark style fully into focus.

TWISTED SISTER – Love Is For Suckers Demos (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Here we have in exclusive the remastered release of “Love Is For Suckers Demos“, the TWISTED SISTER pre-production recordings when they where preparing new material for what would be their fifth album. As you may know, ‘Love Is For Suckers’ is in fact a Dee Snider solo album, finally released under the Twisted Sister name.
Most the guitar here is performed by the great Reb Beach, and only 9 out of 19 of the songs in this CD eventually appeared onto the final, studio album.
A Limited Edition of 300 units made, the sound quality of these tracks are very good, professionally recorded studio pre-production takes.
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TWISTED SISTER – Love Is For Suckers [Japan SHM-CD remastered +4] Out Of Print

Here’s the rare, out of print Japanese edition on SHM-CD of TWISTED SISTER‘s “Love Is For Suckers“, remastered plus 4 bonus tracks housed into a mini-LP replica cardboard.
This fifth Twisted Sister studio album is in fact a Dee Snider solo record. The material was originally meant to be the first Snider solo album, but the recording label pushed for it to be released under the Twisted Sister name instead.
This Japanese SHM-CD sound is louder than the European (German press) remastered version…

KROKUS – Headhunter [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

Here’s more requested KROKUS, ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. The band’s LP “HeadHunter“, simply put, is one on my favorite Rock albums of all time, appeared when Hard Rock took the world by storm again in 1983.
“Screaming In The Night”… what a song… the band’s biggest hit and is still regularly played on classic rock radio.
“HeadHunter” is an 80s rock classic. It’s essential into your hard rock collection, and this Rock Candy remaster is the version to own, it sounds great.
A Must Have

EVENRUDE – One Size Fits All [MTM Classix Remastered +4 previously unreleased songs]

Over the years Norwegian Ole EVENRUDE has become a requested producer working with the likes of Stage Dolls, Wig Wam, Swedish Erotica and Bai Bang, just to name a few.
An expert into the Scandi Melodic Rock / AOR ’80s style, Evenrude released two own albums, this ”One Size Fits All” (1989) being his last.
Many years out of print, ”One Size Fits All” was finally reissued / remastered by Toni Übler (from YesterRock headquarters) released by SPV Germany via its MTM Classix division.
With contributions from Hugo, John Fiore, Robin Beck, etc, you can’t go wrong with this 1989 album: pure catchy Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock / AOR served with a pristine sound (produced by master Neil Kernon) now including 4 previously unreleased tracks.

WICKED WITCH – Wicked Witch Of Boston (previously unreleased)

Before his time fronting Savatage and his own band Circle II Circle, vocalist Zak Stevens was in a band out of Boston called WICKED WITCH alongside future Savatage band mate drummer Jeff Plate. Wicked Witch was formed in 1989 when guitarist Matt Leff met Stevens at the Musicians Institute. They recorded several songs over a few years, none of which...

AC/DC – Backtracks / Rarities [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

Among the recent remastered 2020 reissued AC/DC catalog in Hi-Resolution Audio, there’s the ”Backtracks / Rarities” compilation, a must have not only for the band’s fans, but for all classic rock aficionados out there.
The release collects AC/DC’s studio rarities, all of the songs that the band recorded throughout their career that appeared on Australian-only LP releases, movie soundtracks, 7″ and 12″ single releases, CD “tour editions”, etc.
12 of the 18 tracks are completely unique songs that have all been remastered to match the sound quality of the rest of the Columbia Records AC/DC catalog reissues. The other 6 tracks are the original versions of songs previously only available on the original Australian albums.

AC/DC – Blow Up Your Video [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s 1988’s LP “Blow Up Your Video” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Resolution Audio. At the time many journalists accused AC/DC of being dated in their musical style in 1988, according to them, not fitting into the hair metal boom.
I laugh it loud when I see bad reviews of this LP based on that affirmation. AC/DC always got their own style, and while since the mid-80s they adjusted things to sound more ‘suitable’ for the US market, the Aussie band never lost their identity.
“Blow Up Your Video” is a pretty killer and unique album in its own right, and I will tell you why…

KROKUS – Metal Rendez-Vous [Remastered & Reloaded]

‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, KROKUS “Metal Rendez-Vous” was part of the ’80s records of the band reissue campaign from the label. Something the fans of the Swiss Hard Rock pioneer band have been demanding for some time. You can count the amount of internationally successful European bands in this genre on one hand; Krokus are one of...

MOTLEY CRUE – Demos & Outtakes 1981-82 (2020)

Authorized by the band to their European fan club, the just released MOTLEY CRUEDemos & Outtakes 1981-82” compilation CD (500 copies only) features the early demos the band did before signing to Allan Coffman’s management, who financed their Leathür Records record label and Motley’s first indie release.
We have the very first recordings of Mötley Crüe songs that ended in their debut and second LP. As a curiosity, the set includes the Motley version of Dokken’s song ‘Breaking The Chains’.

PAT BENATAR – Precious Time [Japan Ltd. 80s Best Collection 1200 series / Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

For many her finest moment, here’s the requested, out of print Japanese limited edition of PAT BENATAR‘s third album “Precious Time”, fully remastered with a pristine sound quality.
The album peaked at #1 on the Billboard chart and includes two of my favorite Benatar tunes; the top-20 hit “Fire And Ice” (Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1982) and the fantastic “Promises In The Dark”.
One of the key of success of “Precious Time” is Keith Olsen, without a doubt one of the greatest producers of the ’80s (Heart, Scorpions, Journey, Whitesnake, etc)
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STYX – The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings [first 4 albums Remastered]

As requested, here’s “The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings“, a 2-Disc set released by STYX containing remastered versions of the band’s first four albums: Styx, Styx II, The Serpent Is Rising, and Man Of Miracles, which were released by Wooden Nickel Records.
The four LPs contained in this compilation (plus Styx’s fifth album, Equinox) were recorded with original singer / songwriter / guitarist John Curulewski and feature a harder, eclectic, and more progressive sound when compared to subsequent albums.
The release also includes “Unfinished Song”, a rare B-side to the single “Best Thing” from the first album.

WHITE TIGER (Mark St. John of KISS) – White Tiger [Remastered +5] (2019)

After recording on KISS’ 1984 album ‘Animalize’, guitarist Mark St. John (RIP) formed WHITE TIGER with vocalist David Donato, previously chosen by Tony Iommi as singer for Black Sabbath (but that did not last long).
The band released this debut LP in 1986, as you can guess looking at the cover artwork, a glam metal / US hard rock album released by E.M.C. Records with a sound style similar to KEEL.
White Tiger” now has been reissued in this remastered form including as bonus tracks the pre-production demos for the band’s second album that never crystallized.