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CHEAP TRICK – Busted +7 [Japan BluSpec CD2 remastered miniLP] (2017)

CHEAP TRICK have made an historic chart debut with their acclaimed new album, ‘In Another World’. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ 20th studio album enters at #1 on Billboard’s “Rock” chart — their highest first-week chart placement in the veteran band’s long, remarkable career.
Many of you asked for some of their other records, and we have the terrific Japanese BluSpec CD2 remastered versions with loads of bonus tracks.
Here’s one of our favorites from the band; “Busted“, and you know how an album released in 1990 sounds alike, even more if there’s master producer Richie Zito (fresh from producing Bad English) behind the desk.

ERIC MARTIN BAND – Sucker For A Pretty Face [Rock Candy remastered +5]

The first, major label solo debut of Mr. Big’s terrific vocalist Eric Martin has just been ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, featuring 5 bonus tracks. In fact, this “Sucker For A Pretty Face” was the debut of his ERIC MARTIN BAND, originally named ‘415’.
Although the name Eric Martin is synonymous with the platinum selling melodic hard band rock band Mr. Big, there was a time when he was just another struggling singer, one of many trying to get a shot at the big time.
Eric’s calling card was, and still is, a one in a million voice; a golden rasp blessed with a silky smooth delivery that would eventually establish him as a contender for serious chart action.
A must for ’80s US Melodic Rock fans, Eric Martin Band’s “Sucker For A Pretty Face” is plenty of hooky rockers highlighting Eric’s awesome vocals.
The sound quality of this Rock Candy remaster is pretty impressive, featuring 5 bonus tracks including the studio track ‘Stop in the Name of Love’ plus 4 tracks recorded live at the ’83 Hawaii gig, also with a really good sound.

ERIC MARTIN – I’m Only Fooling Myself [Rock Candy remaster]

Here’s another request – and I scratch my head thinking why this great album wasn’t featured here before… ERIC MARTIN‘s second solo album “I’m Only Fooling Myself” recorded before he joined MR. BIG. This is terrific ’80s AOR album including the ‘who’s who’ from the L.A. session musician scene. And this is the first time appeared on CD, remastered by Rock Candy Records specialists.
While production is top notch, I always found the original release a bit flat in terms of sound. This Rock Candy remaster revitalized all levels and brightness. There’s a world of difference between this pristine remaster and the slightly flat sounding original LP / cassette release.
Truly one of the greatest ‘solo artist’ AOR albums of the second half of the ’80s from unquestionably one of the world’s most revered Rock vocalists.

JAKOB MAGNUSSON – Jack Magnet [Japan 2-CD Special Edition remastered] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As well as being widely regarded as Iceland’s foremost musical icon, JAKOB MAGNUSSON is is arguably one of the most renowned Fender Rhodes players in the world. He studied Music in the USA and soon was part of several fusion bands where he performed with the big names of the genre.
For this, his third solo album ”Jack Magnet” (Jacob’s nickname at the time) the focus was completely different; rock&pop / Westcoast AOR song-format with FM radio appeal. For this matter, the cream of the L.A Session helped him to create that unique smooth WC AOR atmospheres; Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Neil Stubenhaus, Stanley Clarke, Bill Champlin, etc, with songwriting contributions from the likes of Jay Graydon, Richard Page and Steve George.
Yes, TOTO fans of their more ‘elaborated’ stuff will love ”Jack Magnet”. We always loved the artwork too, that kind of English art design group Hipgnosis works, whom created such iconic album covers.
This is the just released, stupendous Japanese Special Edition fully remastered, including as bonus disc Magnusson’s following LP featuring master Michael Landau on all guitars, impossible to find for decades.
Only at 0dayrox

JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN – Angel’s Touch [Japan only CD] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here we have another 0dayrox exclusive: JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN album “Angel’s Touch“, only released in Japan and only available on physical format.
This project by Bulgarian guitarist JORDAN JORDANOV started several years ago and since the beginning GORAN EDMAN agreed participate, singing on all tracks. There’s many musicians involved, and a lyricist from America, so expect quality material.
The overall sound & style here is acoustic guitar driven rock with pianos and synths, plus electric guitar. While the mood is in a midtempo pace, there’s moments for uptempo electricity.
However our favorite moments are when there’s an acoustic environment – with elaborated layers of sounds – giving room for Edman’s vocals to shine. We rarely have the chance to hear this talented singer perform this type of songs, and you’ll love it. A man with an outstanding, melodic and pristine set of pipes…

MIKE TRAMP – Everything Is Alright (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Former White Lion front man MIKE TRAMP will release next May 21 his new album “Everything Is Alright“, which we’re presenting in a world-wide exclusive here at 0dayrox.
The album’s titled track was officially selected as Tramp’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest representing Denmark. Written during last year’s lockdown, Tramp is giving to the world yet another exquisite song that continues his two decade long tradition of heartfelt and personal work which reaches out and connects on a human level with others.
The year 2021 is going to be a very special year for this particular great Dane. He will celebrate 25 years as a solo artist, his 60th, yes 60th birthday, and a return to the stage that kickstarted a career that now spans over 43 years, as he compete to represent his native Denmark in the 2021 Eurovision song contest, a competition he first represented them in way back in 1978 with his first band Mabel…

CHEAP TRICK – Lap Of Luxury +8 [Japan BluSpec CD2 remastered miniLP] (2017)

With the very good new CHEAP TRICK album – a band which never fails in delivering quality material, many of you asked for some of their other records. 1988’s “Lap Of Luxury” was some kind of a ‘comeback’ album for CHEAP TRICK, and what a way to do it: the LP was a smash hit and scored three Top-40 singles, one of them, ‘The Flame’, #1.
This Japanese edition pressed on high quality BluSpec CD2 is the definitive, remastered version of this stupendous ’80s album including no less than 8 bonus tracks. Produced by the unique Richie Zito, there’s as well songwriting contributions by the likes of Diane Warren, Holly Knight and Gregg Giuffria.

JOHN FARNHAM – Break The Ice [1987 unreleased album +2] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested here we have a rarity; “Break The Ice“, the JOHN FARNHAM album that never was… After Farnham success with his solo LP Whispering Jack his record company wanted to capitalize the moment and release this LP with songs he recorded back in 1984.
“Break The Ice” was meant to have the catalogue number INT 147.730 on Curb Records, however, for unknown reasons, this album was never manufactured or released. This is a German LP Test-pressing for this album.
These songs were subsequently used on a number of movie soundtracks like ‘Voyage Of The Rock Aliens (1984)’, ‘The Slugger’s Wife (1985)’, Fletch (1985) and RAD (1986), all cult pieces from the ’80s, and as the LP “Break The Ice” never materialized, were effectively “lost” in time.
Song quality is excellent, and the material, a must have for ’80s AOR / movie soundtrack fanatics. As 0dayrox extras, we added a couple of rare tracks / versions from the RAD movie performed by Farnham.
Only at 0dayrox

MIRKO HIRSCH – Love is Blind ; Songs from the Motion Picture Pretty Boy +1 (2021)

Regarded as one of the best current exponents in creating retro Eighties music German musician, singer, songwriter MIRKO HIRSCH has just recorded “Love is Blind ; Songs from the Motion Picture Pretty Boy“, the soundtrack to the forthcoming film ‘Pretty Boy’, a love letter to ’80s slasher movies.
This isn’t a score but all song-format tunes with vocals which bring to mind classic soundtracks like ‘The Lost Boys’, ‘Manhunter’, ‘Fright Night’, etc. Title track “Love is Blind” is meant to be a tribute to a typical power ballad from the mid-80s, it will ‘take your breath away’ 😉
With a production & mix that indeed put us into a time machine, “Love is Blind ; Songs from the Motion Picture Pretty Boy” is indeed a trip back to that naive era, and a lot of fun…

ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION – Tattooed Beat Messiah +9 [Rock Candy Remastered]

As requested here we have the now out of print, ‘remastered & reloaded‘ reissue by Rock Candy Records of ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION 1988’s album “Tattooed Beat Messiah“, including no less than 9 bonus tracks, b-sides taken from the various singles the band released back in the day, for the first time on CD. This was one of the few RC releases housed into a cardboard slipcase.
At the time, Motley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi were ruling the American rock, whilst the UK was struttin’ its stuff with The Cult, Rogue Male and… Zodiac Mindwarp!
The brainchild of Mark Manning, former music mag designer and professional raconteur, Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction (to give the project its full unexpurgated title) was brought into being with a single aim in mind, to live the sex, drugs & rock’n’roll dream like there was no tomorrow.
Choc full of kick ass riffs, sleazy grooves and swagger the album received critical acclaim in 1988…

JOHN FARNHAM – Whispering Jack +1 [Australian Gold Series remastered 2017]

As requested here we have JOHN FARNHAM‘s most famous album ”Whispering Jack” in its 2017 Australian remastered CD reissue.
Including the #1 hit single “You’re the Voice” which still remains a staple of classic radio, the album is a gem of mainstream AC / AOR from the ’80s, with an incredible pristine slick production sound. On a couple of tracks, Farnham moves into more of a straight melodic rock territory in “Love to Shine,” and “Let Me Out”, showcasing the electric guitar skills of future NELSON guitarist Brett Garsed…

ZIGGURAT – Melodic Scandal [The Complete Ziggurat] Retrospect Records Digitally Remastered

This is a really cool request, the now out of print (more than $900 for a used copy, go figure) remastered 2-in-1 CD of melodic pompsters ZIGGURAT, titled “Melodic Scandal [The Complete Ziggurat]” including their two LP’s, ”Ziggurat” and ”Melodic Scandal”.
This quintet, whose name was derived from a type of ancient Eastern structure, hailed from Atlanta and formed in the mid 70’s. Their self-titled debut has a definitive keyboard driven Pomp AOR sound yet adding some melodic bluesy touches, while ”Melodic Scandal” turns much more melodic indeed, with that polished commercial AOR style typical of the year of its release (1982).
Great stuff, rare CD…

CHEAP TRICK – Woke Up With A Monster [Rare Japanese Edition +1]

With the very good new CHEAP TRICK album – a band that never fails in delivering quality material, many of you asked for some of their other, lesser known records. We think their 1994’s “Woke Up With A Monster” is a criminally underrated platter, appeared in a time when Cheap Trick’s melodic feel-good vibe wasn’t in the music industry focus.
Amidst competing with the grunge movement of its time, ”Woke Up With A Monster” pulsated then, and radiates still, in 2021. With songs that beat down the door of stagnant Rock Music and kicks it’s weak ass from sunrise to sundown, this is a Cheap Trick album that sets an example of just how to rock steady in the face of pop-cultural ignorance of the day.
With songwriting contributions from the likes of Jim Peterik, Mark Spiro & Terry Reid and a bright production by Ted Templeman, ”Woke Up With A Monster” is a kickin’ album that glows bright amongst the glut of mid 1990’s Rock and Hard Rock album releases, which many seemed to stray away from having any semblance of Classic Rock influence all together.
This is the rare Japanese Edition never reissued, featuring a bonus track never included into any compilation released after…

KENNY LOGGINS – Celebrate Me Home [Japan AOR CITY 1000 series / remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

Requested by many of you some time ago, here’s more from the stupendous “AOR CITY 1000 series” by Sony Music Japan, a campaign featuring a low-priced reissue on classic AOR / AC albums from their back catalog (many of them out of print or hard to find).
To complete the KENNY LOGGINS‘ reissues from these series, here’s his solo debut album “Celebrate Me Home“, which in this case uses the last DSD mastering for optimal results.
This is smooth Westcoast AOR / soft FM stuff, filled with leisurely paces, sweet electric guitars courtesy of giants Robben Ford, Lee Ritenour and Dean Parks, electric pianos and easy attitude — so it’s no surprise when you discover this is a co-production by Billy Joel’s chief collaborator Phil Ramone and Bob James.
Remasters of “Celebrate Me Home” are not easy to find, mostly expensive Japan releases now out of print. So this is a nice chance to get it at a very affordable price.

PETER HERMANSSON (feat members of Europe, Treat, Electric Boys, 220 Volt) – Second Glance (2021)

Foremost known for being the drummer in classic Swedish rockers 220 Volt, PETER HERMANSSON also has been part of the classic John Norum Band first line-up, member of Talisman, Mats Karlsson band, Martina Edoff band and many more. But Peter is a highly prolific songwriter too, producer and a very well trained lead vocalist as well.
Now he’s releasing the solo album ”Second Glance”, where he sings his own penned songs and drums / percussion of course. Hermansson is helped by top class Scandi from bands such as Europe, Treat, Electric Boys, 220 Volt, Grand Design, Blindstone and more.
And the drummer shows us he has more than drum sticks in his bag on a very good solo album…