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DAVID A. SAYLOR – Kiss Of Judas 2 (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Released in 2013, ‘Kiss Of Judas’ was a mini album by DAVID A. SAYLOR, known for being the vocalist for underground, cult 80s British AORsters Push. Sadly, Saylor died in 2017, but he left many songs recorded. One of David’s wishes was to re-release ‘Kiss Of Judas” which sold out and demanded high prices on the internet.
Fast Forward to 2019, Aor Blvd Records decided that the time was right for the re-release with the new title “Kiss Of Judas 2“, new artwork and a fresh remastering by Dave Draper (Wildhearts, Dallas) complete with 4 unreleased tracks from the Saylor Archive as a fitting tribute.
Simply put, as pure a traditional AOR record as you could hope to hear in years to come.
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MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP – MSG (2nd album) +7 [Japan Forever Young series remastered] Out Of Print

Here’s another requested remastered Japanese edition of MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP excellent second album “MSG” (1981), as part of the Warner Music Japan ‘Forever Young Series Remastered’ including 7 bonus tracks, now out of print.
The high production values by one of my favorite twiddlers – Ron Nevison – resulted in one of the most polished Mr. Schenker albums ever. “MSG” is regarded by fans as perhaps the group’s finest hour with killer tracks such as ‘Ready To Rock’, ‘Never Trust A Stranger’ and the timeless classic ‘On And On’.
We didn’t like the Euro / American remastered version of “MSG” (it should be the CD pressing quality, resulting in a muddy sound) so this Japanese ‘‘Forever Young Series’ is the obvious choice and makes a difference.
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EDEN (Nick Workman of Vega) – Into The Within [reissue]

EDEN (from UK) is built around the talents of great vocalist Nick Workman (VEGA) and Vince O’Regan (BOB CATLEY, LEGION). “Into The Within” is their last album, and while the Eden never disbanded, judging the success of Vega I can’t see a new album coming shortly. So Z-Records decided to reissue “Into The Within”, an album that certainly deserved more...

MAGENTA – Masters Of Illusion (2020)

UK, Welsh progressive rock band MAGENTA are a band who follow their own very distinctive melodic path, describing narratives through dramatic and emotional music. They create beguiling musical and lyrical canvasses. Their new album “Masters Of Illusion” is based upon the stories of six classic Horror movie stars and Magenta’s stirring widescreen music is an apt setting for these cinematic...

WORK FORCE – Work Force ’89 [Japanese Edition] OOP

As requested, here’s the underrated first album, self-titled debut from San Francisco’s WORK FORCE, a 1989 melodic hard rock / AOR release with all the ingredients of that magic year: lots of melodies, catchy choruses and pristine bright production.
What I really like about Work Force is they remind me of two of my favorite bands: Walk On Fire and Bad English, also some Diving For Pearls, Alias and Bad Company / Howe-era.
“Work Force” never was reissued, but this hard to find Japanese Edition sounds much better, fuller than any other release.

FIRE TIGER – All The Time (2020)

L.A. female fronted rock&pop wonders FIRE TIGER are back with third album “All The Time“, and since its cover artwork you realize that everything about this band is authentic ’80s. Their songs aim to capture the nostalgic musical quality attributed to that era and bring it back to the mainstream. In a perfect world – and it hasn’t to be...

FIRE TIGER – Energy [ecopack CD version]

After the lovely new album by FIRE TIGER featured here, you need to check the band’s debut “Energy” too. Yes, from their band name FIRE TIGER to their looks and sound of the decade where leg warmers were a fashion statement, you can’t go wrong: FIRE TIGER are pure ’80s. The days of watching the top 20 on MTV may...

FIRE TIGER – Suddenly Heavenly (2018)

FIRE TIGER is an atypical band from the current L.A. scene: after listening to the band’s just released new album “Suddenly Heavenly” their ’80s sound is certainly inescapable. This album takes you back to the days when you could dance around in your room to the latest videos on MTV, via catchy poppy melodic rock melodies and its feel-good vibe....

FEE WAYBILL – Don’t Be Scared By These Hands (out of print)

Don’t Be Scared By These Hands” is the out of print and rare 2nd solo album from the legendary The Tubes front man FEE WAYBILL, produced by Richard Marx, and partially recorded in Sweden by Tommy Denander. Among the players we find Steve Lukather (not only on guitar but also keyboards), Bruce Gaitsch (King Of Hearts, Richard Marx), Tommy Denander, Randy Jackson and Johnathan Moffett, among others.
The album only was released in Scandinavia, and while there was a USA print the year after it was in limited quantities…

WILDKARD (ex KICK with Nick Workman of Vega) – Megalomania

Megalomania” by WILDKARD is, simply put, one of the best melodic rock / AOR albums released in 2000’s and a must have in your collection. WildKard was in fact a sequel of Kick, featuring members Chris & Mikey Jones and current Vega vocalist Nick Workman plus members of Finnish melodic rockers House Of Mirrors.
Originally called “The Zero Hour Project”, these songs recorded in the U.K. and Finland were written by Chris and Nick while Kick was still taking shape back in the Nineties and were heard only by a privileged few, but it was only a matter of time that they would see the light of day.
So these songs were written before Kick, but recorded after Kick disbanded, with the project named ‘WildKard’. And the style is pure late ’80s British AOR!

MIKEY JONES (Kick) – The Light Of Day [Remastered & Expanded / Kick Audio Vaults]

After British melodic rockers Kick disbanded in 2005, founder MIKEY JONES started to record this, his first solo album “The Light Of Day“, here being reissued as part to the ‘Kick Audio Vaults‘ remasters including bonus tracks.
Former Kick and current Vega vocalist contributes backing vocals, and while the album’s style obviously has some Kick touches, Mikey delivered a more varied sonic palette, at places bringing to mind Alice Cooper’s Hey Stoopid era and Nineties Bon Jovi and…

KICK – Memoirs [CD version exclusive bonus tracks]

British Melodic Hard Rockers KICK released three albums before disbanded in 2005. The idea to reform Kick aroused in 2011, but with singer Nick Workman busy finding success with Vega, the Jones bothers Mikey & Chris decided to record this new KICK album “Memoirs” with Mikey on lead vocals.
This CD version includes two exclusive bonus tracks, and we have as well the three digital download bonuses….

BUMBLEFOOT (Sons Of Apollo) – Barefoot 2 & 3 The Acoustic EP’s (2020) + VOICES OF APOLLO debut *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the just released two Ep’s by BUMBLEFOOT, “Barefoot 2 & 3“. Very busy with Sons Of Apollo and other projects, now with the Covid-19 lockdown the guitarist found time to record these songs.
Some time ago Bumblefoot released the first “Barefoot” acoustic ep, a collection of own songs played as stripped-down acoustic versions.
Now for “Barefoot 2 & 3”, Bumblefoot is doing acoustic versions of songs he always loved and wanted to cover, including ‘Wasted Years’ (Iron Maiden), ‘Every Little Thing’ (The Police), ‘Only Time Will Tell (Asia)’. Recorded in April 2020, raw and natural sounding, these are great versions.
But wait, we have more; while in quarantine, Bumblefoot and his Sons Of Apollo bandmates Mike Portnoy and Jeff Scott Soto have recorded a new song few days ago under the moniker VOICES OF APOLLO, a Beatles cover they often sing together on tour.
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BUMBLEFOOT (Sons Of Apollo) – Barefoot 1 The Acoustic EP + extras

As requested, here’s Sons Of Apollo / ex Guns N’ Roses Ron BUMBLEFOOT Thal album “Barefoot“, his first collection of acoustic recordings re-interpreting his own songs in a stripped-down bare form.
Released some years ago and now out of print in physical CD, the album features versions of songs from various previous Bumblefoot solo albums performed in an intimate, revealing way unlike they’ve ever been heard before.
As extras there’s alternated versions and mixes, including the song ‘Abnormal’ with non-explicit / clean lyrics, and an unplugged version of ‘Delilah’ recorded in 2003.
Very Good stuff

THE DIRTY DENIMS – Ready Steady Go! (2020)

Dutch female fronted rock ‘n’ rollers THE DIRTY DENIMS are releasing today their brand spankin’ first long player ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’.
This Eindhoven based band has been at it for a decade now and sound-wise combine the traditional rock ‘n’ roll sound of Joan Jett, Seventies Kiss and The Sweet with a slew of AC/DC riffs thrown in for good measure.
The Dirty Denims play Happy Hard Rock: hard rock that makes you feel good in a heartbeat.