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BLACK SABBATH – Paranoid [50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Wildly regarded as innovators of the musical genre which came to be known as Heavy Metal, legendary Birmingham-bred BLACK SABBATH celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2020 of their multi-million selling album ”Paranoid” with this just released 5xLP / 4xCD edition.
Paranoid [50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set]” includes the original album remastered, in addition to a rare 1974 Quad Mix of the album folded down to stereo, plus two concerts from 1970 (which worth the box alone).
This 4xCD set comes with a hard book (full scans here) with extensive liner notes featuring interviews with all four band members, rare photos, and memorabilia, a poster, as well as a replica of the tour book sold during the Paranoid tour.

ROB MORATTI – Paragon [Japan Edition +1] (2020)

Ex SAGA / FINAL FRONTIER vocalist ROB MORATTI is about to deliver another impeccable solo record titled ”Paragon” which is his second release with AOR Heaven Records. The Japanese Edition is being released today, with a really worthwhile bonus track.
When it comes to songs, melodies, harmonies and range – Rob Moratti is in a league of his own. The songs on ”Paragon” are astonishing as ever and filled with his trademark harmonies and memorable choruses that will capture the listener at first listen. He was working alongside some the best songwriters and performers in the genre and the musicians are first class, including guitarist Torben Enevoldsen, legendary Tony Franklin on the monster bass, and Joel Hoekstra (WHITESNAKE) as guest guitar

TRAGIK – Faith Healer (2020)

Faith Healer” is album number nine from TRAGIK, another band that features the musician that never sleeps – Phil Vincent. With TRAGIK he handles vocals, bass and keyboards on the album. The band also features guitarist Damian D’Ercole and drummer Dirk Phillips, both of whom are key to band’s overall sound.
TRAGIK are the masters of riff infused 80s style hard rock, be it ‘Faith’ which is rounded out with some tasty keys, or ‘Hanging By A String’, where the guitars, keys and pounding drums all combine effortlessly together.
Quite possibly the band’s best outing to date and one to play loud, enjoy and forget about all the crap going on in the world right now.

MARTY FRIEDMAN – Tokyo Jukebox 3 (2020)

Uber talented guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN will release tomorrow in Japan his new solo album, “Tokyo Jukebox 3“. After almost ten years the previous volume of this series, the CD features Marty’s cover versions of a wide variety of Japanese pop songs, including such contemporary numbers as LiSA’s “Gurenge” and OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM’s “Shukumei”, along with DA PUMP’s dance track “U.S.A.”, etc.
Some throwback J-pop hits from the ’90s are included on the set as well, such as ZARD’s “Makenaide” and EVERY LITTLE THING’s “Time Goes By”.
Of course, all dome with Friedman’s hard rockin’, melodic attack.
There’s also a couple of Friedman originals, one with vocals courtesy of Japanese singer Arufakyun, a killer metallic tune.

MOLLY HATCHET – Beatin’ The Odds +4 [Rock Candy Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

With the new remaster of MOLLY HATCHET‘s self-titled album, let’s give a listen to this Rock Candy remaster of the band’s third album “Beatin’ The Odds“, including 4 bonus tracks. This disc has become pretty hard to find, even it isn’t featured at Rock Candy’s website anymore.
Originally released in 1980, ”Beatin’ The Odds” was MOLLY HATCHET’s first album with new vocalist Jimmy Farrar (original vocalist Danny Joe Brown would be back within a year). Again produced by magician Tom Werman, ”Beatin’ The Odds” is one of the best MOLLY HATCHET albums: rockin’, kickin’ n’ hot.
As usual, the sound quality is excellent sound-shaped from 24-bit digital technology by Jon Astley, including 16 page full colour booklet featuring original and enhanced artwork.
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MOLLY HATCHET – Molly Hatchet +5 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

By the mid-1970s, the southern rock sound had been well and truly established by the likes of the Allman Brothers Band, the Outlaws and, most prominently, Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was a style that seemed resistant to change but with the release of MOLLY HATCHET‘s debut album in 1978, that tradition was challenged by a bigger, louder and harder sound that introduced elements of contemporary hard rock into the mix. Now Rock Candy is bringing a fresh remastered version of this classic, plus the rare, promo only LP ‘Molly Hatchet Live’ as bonus tracks.
Indeed, Hatchet’s debut album signaled a new, supercharged, approach to old school…

REX SMITH – Rock And Roll Dream 1976-1983 [HNE 6xCD Box-Set remastered + bonus]

Requested by some of you, here’s the Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records remastered box set packing all the album from REX SMITH, titled “Rock And Roll Dream 1976-1983“. A total of 60 tracks, including three “bonus” mono singles, available on CD for the first time.
Who is Rex Smith? Younger brother of STARZ vocalist Michael Lee Smith, and may be better known for his roles on stage and screen; playing motorcycle police officer Jesse Mach in the 1985 TV series “Street Hawk”, as well as guest appearances on “The Love Boat”, “Baywatch”, “Daredevil” and “Caroline In The City”.
But he had an interesting musical career before focusing on acting. Especially his last album “Camouflage” from 1983, with that AORish production sound from the era.

URGENT (Canada) – Timing [Ltd Edition Remastered Numbered Gold Disc]

As requested, here’s another little gem from the legendary Long Island Classics series / collector’s edition: Canadian’s URGENT album “Timing”, pressed on Gold CD, individually numbered to 2,000, and remastered with a crystal clear, awesome sonic results.
You can’t resist to the infectious melodies of songs like ‘Killer Love’ (killer indeed), ‘You’re Not the One’ or the more rocking ‘Too Hot To Handle’. For mid-80s AOR in its purest form, second track ‘Deagan (Love You Leave You)’ is must, embellished with sweet synths and …

VENDETTA (USA) – Vendetta +1 [Retrospect Records remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

While signed by major label Epic in 1983, American hard rockers VENDETTA only LP “Vendetta” (1984) remains pretty unknown for fans of the genre. Fortunately Retrospect Records unearthed this forgotten album and put it on CD for the first time. Produced by famed in this matter Max Norman, “Vendetta” rocks hard ‘n heavy with a sound reminiscent of Y&T, just...

LAZARUS – Down N’ Dirty [1992-94 / First Time on CD Remastered] (2020)

Demon Doll Records is bringing another US glam metal band to the forefront as LAZARUS now have a career spanning album titled ”Down N’ Dirty”, consisting of 19 songs digitally remastered for the first time on CD.
Includes their cassette-only album “Miss B Haven” (1992) and 1994’s “Bombz Away” (pressed on CD but for promo, few copies), plus 3 bonus tracks from their 1988 debut demo “Have A Taste”.
LAZARUS deliver one knock out glam metal shot after another with that classic US style circa 1988, very well recorded & produced for the most part.
It’s rocking catchy stuff form an unknown but good band from the golden era.
These guys rock with attitude…

SNAKEBITE – 100 Desperate Hearts Live (2020)

With their blend of 80s American hair metal and modern Euro melodic hard rock, SNAKEBITE is one of the strongest and best bands from the genre recently appeared. Now the guys are presenting “100 Desperate Hearts Live“.
I always wonder why younger bands don’t release a live record early on in their career? Perhaps it’s as simple as those younger bands don’t sound that great in a live setting. That certainly is not the case with SNAKEBITE who offer a scorching 12 song set on ”100 Desperate Hearts Live” with a harder edge delivery than what can be found on their two full-length studio albums ‘Princess of Pain’ and ‘Rise of The Snake’ while maintaining their great melodies and harmonies.
A smoking, killer debut live album…

SNAKEBITE – Princess Of Pain (debut album hard to find on CD)

Delivering 10 rocking pieces of classic US styled hard rock, Germany’s SNAKEBITE are presenting their debut CD “Princess Of Pain”. Seems the guys have been picking through their daddy’s record collection, because they rock like it’s 1987.You know, “Princess Of Pain” delivers classic melodic hard rock with some edge.
Following their Eighties’ predecessors, the band likely leans more to the leather and denim party metal than the make up and hairspray of sleazy glam metal. Yes, Snakebite love the late ’80s Sunset Strip scene, but you can’t deny their Germanic origins into the sound.
So, their sound on this debut is like a blend of an early TWISTED SISTER with SCORPIONS, with some VICE (late 80s German band), SHARK ISLAND and BIG RAT in between.

MAGIC DANCE – From Death To Life! (2020) + 2019 Remasters & Remixes

Long Island based MAGIC DANCE will return with a new album, ‘Remnants’, to be released by Frontiers Music in December, but have released an EP entitled ‘From Death To Life!’ now. It’s an AOR celebration in the Halloween spirit.
MAGIC DANCE is the solo project of Rock singer/songwriter Jon Siejka and was originally begun in 2012 as a side venture for his other love: 80s AOR / Synthwave culture. It is heavily influenced by iconic synth-pop and movie soundtrack music of the era, although has recently evolved into a heavier and more guitar-oriented style that leans more towards classic mid-80’s AOR sounds.
Songs like ‘When We Were Young (Sturgeon ’87 Mix)’ or ‘I Need a Name (Sturgeon ’87 Mix)’ have received much more guitar riffs & solos and sound almost melodic hard rock bringing to mind early VEGA style.
Awesome 80s-styled stuff
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SCANDAL featuring Patty Smyth – Warrior [Rock Candy remastered +5]

Patty Smyth is one of the finest AOR female singers emerged during the ’80s, and his vehicle to stardom was the band SCANDAL. Rock Candy Records reissued their album “Warrior” from 1984 including as bonus tracks the very hard to find 5-track EP debut from the band appeared in 1982, all digitally remastered with a fantastic sound quality.
This is the story of a very successful chart storming band, but it’s also the tale of a band…

PATTY SMYTH (Scandal) – It’s About Time (2020)

After almost 30 years, former SCANDAL vocalist PATTY SMYTH returns with a new album properly titled ”It’s About Time”. Patty couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate title for the new record, her first set of original songs in 28 years.
But there’s a reason; the long hiatus between albums wasn’t due to a lack of trying, she has been busy raising six children, performing with SCANDAL following their reunion in the mid 2000s, acting and providing the Netflix series Glow with its theme.
Aside from all that, Smyth says she wanted to put out the best material that was right for her.
Produced by mega-talented Dann Huff, ”It’s About Time” shows that Patty Smyth has’t lost any color of her unique voice, and the material is really strong resembling the vocalist’s 80s style.