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MOON DOG MANE (Frank Hannon) – Turn It Up! [rare promo CD]

As requested, here’s “Turn It Up!”, the only album released by MOON DOG MANE, the band formed by Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon when he left the band. This is the rare promo-only CD distributed to radio stations to test the water.
Two songs got strong airplay on US rock radio, so Hannon decided to release the album with different artwork and the title track peaked at No. 36 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, and “I Believe” peaked at No. 38.
“Turn It Up!” is a great collection of gritty, melodic radio-ready rock songs that not only feature Hannon’s famous guitar style, but also handling keyboards, producing, mixing and mastering.

BLACK SABBATH (feat Tony Martin) – Vienna 1989 [2xCD Japan release only] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Specialized Japanese label “Alive The Live” is doing a very nice job making available on CD rare live recordings from major acts in a good sound quality. They just released last December this “BLACK SABBATH – Vienna 1989“, a very good performance by Black Sabbath with Tony Martin on vocals, on the ‘Headless Cross Tour’.
It’s especially interesting ‘cos there’s not many recordings documenting Black Sabbath with Tony Martin performing live. Additionally, the line-up is stellar: Neil Murray (bass), Jeff Nichols (keyboards) and the great Cozy Powell (drums).
Tony Martin always was regarded as a stupendous vocalist, but at the time he recorded his first studio album with Sabbath, some critics argued he can’t perform with the same power on stage.
“Vienna 1989” proves that Martin is one Hell of a shouter performing live, and feels…
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LOU GRAMM – Long Hard Look [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

LOU GRAMM has one of the most unique and remarkably memorable voices, not only as frontman of multi platinum selling US melodic rock gods Foreigner, but also as solo artist as this remastered reissue by Rock Candy Records of his second solo release “Long Hard Look” highlights.
Few singers could touch Lou Gramm in his prime; “Long Hard Look” has the hard edge and hot vocal that was such a contribution to Foreigner. It also shows a maturation of style and interpretation that put him in the company of very few as far as quality of performance and breadth of talent.
Excellent remaster by Rock Candy.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January / March 2021 – Vol.5

New Year, very good new music / albums to come. Here we have our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases, the second 2021 batch, featuring top class artists / singles.
Among the cracking numbers into this “January / March 2021 – Vol.5” advances we find new music from SUNSTORM, ISSA, AT THE MOVIES just released single, AORsters REVLIN PROJECT, new female fronted act STARLIGHT, THE NORSEMAN COMPANY (feat. Age Sten Nilsen), and many more.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January / March 2021 – Vol.4

New Year, very good new music / albums to come. Here we have our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases, the second 2021 batch, featuring top class artists / singles.
Among the numbers into this “January / March 2021 – Vol.4” advances we find new music from THUNDER, JOEL HOEKSTRA’s 13, CHEZ KANE promising debut, JORN, Black Star Riders’ RICKY WARWICK, new AOR project BLUE DESERT, BILL CHAMPLIN, and more.

MARTIN & GARP – Sentimental Fools (2021)

Sentimental Fools” is the debut album from Dutch duo MARTIN & GARP, a delicious collection of sweet tunes inspired by the FM sound of the late Seventies / early Nineties. A trip back to the sunny California when these smooth, feel-good, radio friendly melodies ruled the airwaves.
With a pristine production and elegant performances, “Sentimental Fools” is the perfect album for every serious classic West Coast AOR aficionado.
Available on compact disc and of course, vinyl LP, this album indeed belongs to a turntable, alongside your LP’s of PLAYER, AMBROSIA, EAGLES, ROBBIE DUPREE, and more recent acts of this ilk like YOUNG GUN SILVERFOX or STATE COWS.

LAURA BRANIGAN – Self Control [Cherry Red 2-CD Remastered Expanded Edition] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Cherry Red Records finally made justice to LAURA BRANIGAN‘s classic 3rd studio album “Self Control” – originally appeared in 1984 on Atlantic Records – releasing its definitive version: a remastered expanded 2-CD set including 11 bonus tracks.
What? A poppy album on this blog? Well folks, if you ask me, this is more AOR than many recordings marketed as such in the ’80s. Call it Light AOR, radio friendly rock&pop, whatever… “Self Control” is pure Eighties and we love it.
Just take a quick look at the session musicians and then tell me if it ain’t AOR related: Michael Landau, Dann Huff, Robbie Buchanan, Tommy Funderburk, Richard Page, Tom Kelly, Joe Pizzulo, Bill Champlin… ha!
Add to that Buchanan producing and arranging alongside Top Gun composer Harold Faltermeyer. I can’t imagine a product more representative of an era.
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RON COOLEN – Rise [feat. Keith St. John, Göran Edman, George Lynch] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rise” is the debut album from Dutch multi-instrumentalist RON COOLEN, an album inspired by the classic hard rock sound from the ’80s and he has gathered a stellar line up of world class musicians from the genre: we have top singer Keith St. John (Burning Rain, Kingdom Come, Lynch Mob, Montrose) providing most the vocals, but also Göran Edman, George Lynch, Thorsten Koehne (Eden’s Curse), Steve Lamb (Tygers of Pan Tang), and many more.
The album only was released in Holland past year, but will receive international distribution in a few weeks.
We have some killer stuff here, very well recorded & produced.
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COLORSTONE – First Light (2021)

Swedes COLORSTONE are starting this new year with a new release, “First Light“, with some of the songs produced by renowned Narada Michael Walden (Starship, Jeff Beck).
All musicians involved in Colorstone are veterans from the international rock scene having recorded on over 50 albums with various artists and covering many genres, like guitarist Fredrik Bergengren which was one of the founder members of AOR act TIME GALLERY releasing two very good albums during the Nineties.
So if you are new to COLORSTONE, expect high quality musicianship here.

KISS – Best Of Solo Albums [Japan Hi-Res MQA-CD UHQCD / DSD remaster 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Universal Music Japan has released few months ago a High Resolution disc (MQA-CD + UHQCD) of KISSBest Of Solo Albums“, a 2020 DSD remaster based on the original analog tape converted to 352.8kHz / 24bit.
The compilation was never released in North America, so here it’s quite a rarity. Seems there never has been an official CD release either. Any CD would be a bootleg, until now: this Japanese is an official Universal Music release.
“Best Of Solo Albums“ is a really must have addition to your collection, even if you have all the solo albums: Paul Stanley’s “Take Me Away (Together As One)” is featured here in its complete version (not fade out like on the actual solo album), the intro to Peter Criss “I Can’t Stop The Rain” is louder in the mix, etc.
Excellent sound quality.
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LIAR – Set The World On Fire [Remastered Limited Numbered] (2020-2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Escape Music released few days ago (Dec. 25) the cult classic album from British rockers LIAR, “Set The World On Fire” on a limited edition to 1000 copies only, all numbered 1-1000 and including a post card hand signed by the band.
This is the first time “Set The World On Fire” is being released officially on CD, fully remastered from the original quarter inch tape and with refreshed artwork (quite similar to the original LP).
Featuring future LIONHEART founder member Steve Mann, LIAR always was a criminally underrated band, and this album is one of their best, plenty of melodic rocking tunes with a feel good vibe.
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SAGA – Wildest Dreams [digital reissue 2021] *EXCLUSIVE*

earMUSIC has just put out new versions of SAGA albums pretty hard to find, or available in a poor sounding mastering. One that you need into your ’80s collection is the Canadian’s 1987 effort “Wildest Dreams“.
During the ’80s SAGA infused to their polished sound a strong Melodic Rock feel complete with swirling keyboard lines and catchy choruses. For their seventh studio album, Saga signed with Atlantic Records with the aim to finally conquer the US market.
Digitally recorded (DDD) and with a lite AOR / Hi-Tech sound, “Wildest Dreams” shocked the Seventies fans of the band, but us, Eighties suckers, really embraced this record with open arms.
The sound quality of this 2021 reissue is excellent.
HIGHLY Recommended
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SILVER (Michael Voss) – Idolized [Special 2-CD Ltd Edition]

SILVER is another band from the multifaceted Michael Voss (Mad Max, Wolfpakk, Demon Drive, Casanova, Michael Schenker) who released 5 very good albums during the 2000’s. After more than a decade of silence Voss resurrected the moniker and presented the new CD “Idolized“.
This is the limited, Special 2-CD edition including as bonus disc the “Best Of Silver”.
Lovers of late ’80s / early ’90s Euro sounds from the genre in the vein of Casanova, Last Autumn’s Dream, Khymera, etc. will enjoy “Idolized” and the band’s previous, best songs.

FIGHTER – The Waiting + unreleased 4-Song EP [Digitally Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the recent remastered reissue of one of the best female-fronted AOR / melodic hard rock albums from the early ’90s: FIGHTER‘s “The Waiting“, including as bonus tracks their very early 4-track demo EP with two exclusive songs.
Led by talented vocalist and principal songwriter Amy Wolter (we featured her solo album at 0dayrox some time ago) FIGHTER played arena style melodic hard rock plenty of hooks and melodies galore.
The distinctive element in FIGHTER’s style was the trade-off vocals between Wolter and male singer and drummer Sean Murphy. Dual vocals proved to work great for them and provided dynamics not seen in other bands of this ilk.
Not a single weak song on here, but a wonderful collection of superb tunes wrapped by a crystal clear production, now even more enhanced by a vibrant remastering job.
A MUST for female-fronted AOR / melodic hard rock fans.
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MESHEEN – A Matter Of Time [1994 / Previously Unreleased] (2021)

Alongside the lost recordings from FORTRESS, Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records is releasing today the album from other band of singer Ted Heath, MESHEEN, titled “A Matter Of Time“.
Recorded in 1994, “A Matter Of Time” is American melodic hard rock with the early ’90s sound of the genre. There were record labels interested, but this kind of rock music resulted hard to sell at the time and the album was shelved.
MESHEEN released by themselves some homemade CDr’s later, with only a few collectors having it in their possession.
Now “A Matter Of Time” has been remastered and properly released with fresh artwork.
Think a mix of DOKKEN, KEEL, LION, early STRYPER, strong guitar-driven songs plenty of groove with a touch of progressive here and there, professionally recorded & mixed.